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Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced PvP shooter. Easy pick up and play, no complicated setups or rules: it’s kill or be killed!

A new form of energy was discovered 15 years ago. Clean, safe and abundant, it changed the course of civilization. It’s 2035 and a secret war surfaces for the first time as megacorporations fight for the control of the energy, hiring armies of highly skilled mercenary soldiers!

Game features

Select a role from 6 different characters, each with their own skill tree and weapon arsenal. Level up to unlock additional skins and loadouts. Mercenaries are designed to compliment each other’s skills, but each is fully capable of delivering insane frags on the battlefield: no wimpy support classes, in Ballistic Overkill everyone is a killer!


    • The Vanguard– a master of field survival, capable of sustaining himself from for long killing sprees without ever returning to base.
    • The Tank – a towering machine-gun totting bulwark of a mercenary, draw all the attention to you and live through it to tell your story.
    • The Berserker – a deadly close combat specialist with vicious skills that enable him to engage his prey on his own terms.
    • The Grenadier – the bane of the campers and master of ordnance, carrying enough grenades to gib out entire teams.
    • The Shadow – master of speed and stealth, the silent blade can easily dodge bullets and make your enemies cry in frustration whenever you get them from behind.
    • The Wraith – a master infiltrator that rarely misses their mark with the deadliest sniper rifles that can turn invisible with limited mobility.

Fully loaded arsenal

Over 30 unique weapons ranging from state of the art modern assault rifles, light machine guns, sub-machine guns, machine-pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and sidearms to more specialized ones like grenade launchers and ninja swords. There is ever a new way to kill your enemies in Ballistic Overkill.

Tactical skills

Each character has two unique skill-trees designed to allow you great strategic and tactical advantages over your opponents: each has many options so make sure to try and come up with a build that fits your playstyle: Do you prefer to run and gun with extra damage for sprinting? Or take a more strategic approach and reveal enemies on the minimap for you and your friends?

Unique locations

Each level is crafted to deliver a unique atmosphere and allowing four gameplay modes, with up to 16 players: free-for-all, team-deathmatch, capture-points or king-of-the-hill.

  • Corporate park: a large map set in between two corporate towers that enables very strategic gameplay routes.
  • Hakim Library: a large arena with long-range fire lines surrounded by corridors and stairs set in a stylish library atop a skyscraper.
  • Hollow: a close-quarters focused map set in the bowels of a secret facility under construction.
  • Nox Museum: a mix of long and multi-layered corridors and close quarters adjacent rooms makes this contemporary art museum an exciting battleground.
  • Overhead: a compact warehouse filled with containers and moving platforms sets the tone for intense close-combat firefights.
  • Sunnsquare Mall: a multi-layered level where firefights can occur from every direction set in a luxurious downtown mall.
  • Wonderdome: a sniper-friendly map set in the “outdoors” of a research facility greenhouse.

Game Universe

A new form of energy was discovered 15 years ago. Clean, safe and abundant, it changed the course of civilization. It’s 2035 and a secret war surfaces for the first time...

It happened faster than anyone could have predicted. Scientists found a bacterial moss living in the most extreme and remote places of the world that could do a strange form of photosynthesis, releasing Hydrogen in gaseous form as a byproduct. By means of artificial cultivation in large scale, H2 burning would fuel the world into a new era of clean energy with pure water as a byproduct. Seeing how their grasp on power would soon end, oil mega-corporations seized what control they had on global politics and made sure that this breakthrough be maintained under tight control.

The MFA has claimed a monopoly on this technology, regulating distribution, production and further research, claiming that this is the best way to provide everyone with access to it. Many other private parties do not agree with the terms of this monopoly, their opinion that only the free market can truly defend people's interest without the rampant corruption that runs in political organizations.

The war begun when mysterious mercenary strikes were launched on several MFA facilities across the globe, all related with MFA governmental activities. The MFA itself doesn’t want much information about their actions being divulged, so decided to fight back hiring their own mercenary forces who could neutralize the threat as soon as possible. These mercenaries are highly trained mysterious fighters from across the globe. They have no loyalty but to their current contract, no interests but to accomplish their missions as both sides are fighting this war in secrecy from the public attention.

Long term development

Ballistic has been in the making for a few years now, and started out as a purely F2P browser game developed for a publisher. After bringing it to the market with a publishing partner, we are now re assuming full control of the product, and we feel there is an audience that will enjoy a retail game with no microtransactions, with the full experience and content unlocked from day 1. This will start out as an Early Access, so the players community can give us feedback along the way, thus helping us shape what this new Ballistic Overkill will be.

The game will receive constant updates and extra content. You can expect new weapon packs, characters, game modes and levels that are already in the works as well as weapon and character skin vanity DLC to show-off on the battlefield. We hope you like it and take your time to participate in our forums, this game was made by us for you, so help us make it even better! See you in-game, enjoy!

About us

AQUIRIS is an independent game studio based in the city of Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. We started 7 years ago doing casual games and work for hire, we did everything from web games, to mobile, to PC. In 2010 we started the development of Ballistic, our most ambitious game to date. Now we bring you the best version of Ballistic ever, filled with the experience we had so far, the game we want to play!

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