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The game (no name yet, "Babylon Project" is provisional) is a RPG ambiented in the ancient mesopotamian cultures. It is a fantasy, not historical, game. Is inspired by the stories of the Anunnakis in the ancient Sumer. The scenery is a map of 100 square kilometers including water. It's a multimision single player game, made with the Epic Games engine, UDK (Unreal Development Kit). And it's being developed in Spain. More info soon.

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cobaltUDK Author

If you have problems to see the video, you can try here:


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Cool, nice update!

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In this video you can see some combat improvements:

- The directional movement has been changed, before the character always looked where the camera. Now look in the direction of movement
when unarmed or with the sword without enemies attacking. With enemies and sword it looks at the movement direction, less when it goes backwards.
And with the bow, always look where the camera is looking.

- The accuracy of the arrows has also been improved. Before the collision of the arrow was with the collision box of the characters.
Now, after colliding with the box, check if it collides with the "bones". If it doesn't, go ahead to the next obstacle.
This same precision also works with swords and other weapons. Now it's a bit harder to hit, but visually it's more realistic.

- Side attacks have been added with the sword. They are automatic if they detect an enemy on the sides.

- You can execute up to three consecutive sword attacks with a single click. Automatically locate nearby enemies and execute an attack for each of them. This can be something that the player and the NPCs can use if they have enough level in the game.

- Killing animations, are executed when the enemy has little health left. In practice with an average unarmoured enemy you must hit him a couple of times before you can execute this move. Armor blocks attacks (armor works by zones, a total of 28 zones).
These movements have time in the game but the animations are new. It need to do a few more, for different weapons.

Finally there is a small combat. There are some things to fix, animations that are truncated, ragdolls that jump through the air, screams that do not look good, etc.

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