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As the player in this lush, hand-painted RPG game, you encounter ancient, newly-awakened gods (both good and evil) in a battle and race to restore prosperity and hope for the people of the Aztec Empire. Aztaka is an indie throwback to the good old side-scrolling action RPG genre. In this gorgeous hand-painted world, you play Huitzilo, heir of the Sun God, able to wield both the spear and the spell. The watchful Gods have returned to their slumber and the evil Ehecalk becoming ever stronger is plotting. A mad power struggle to hold the seven Ancient Phonograms will ensue. You are the last hope of your people! Race across your once great land, reunite the Phonograms and restore prosperity to the Aztec Empire!

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mg979 says

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Just finished the game, and it surpassed all my expectations. Fabulous graphics (maybe the best I've seen in this kind of games) good gameplay, almost no bugs (just the one mentioned by Toyotame, I met it too), some occasional CTD (I had 4-5 in my 2-days playthrough), but overall a great game that should deserve more attention. Weak points are:

- spells: it's hard to guess how spellcasting works, since it's not explained anywhere.

- difficulty: it's rather easy at the intermediate level, the most difficult parts are some tricky jumps that aren't affected by the difficulty level.

All in all I enjoyed this game more than Legend of Grimrock. Recommended for lovers of Prince of Persia (the original 2D one).

Aztaka has gorgeous graphics and a not-often-explored setting, but the underlying gameplay is weak and repetitive. Still fun (for a while), but could have been much better.


I'm a big fan of the Metroidvania genre and this is probably the only game on PC that actually utilizes it which makes me happy to see as it is something that originially spawned on consoles.

To put it in simple form, It's a great game with lots of quests and combat with major upgrades to your character. The story is interesting and will have you on Wikipedia looking for information based on the Aztek civilization (I think S.T.A.L.K.E.R was the only other game that ever made me do that).

It uses an interesting mouse and keyboard control system which I found cool... You really need to play it to see what I mean.

To the devs, keep it up... And make moar!!!


Great Game! Worth the price!


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