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Aura Online is a hack and slash MMORPG where you explore a dynamic world and uncover the relics left behind by ancient civilizations. Current factions fight for territory and resources in a dynamic world that comes to life around you while you're on your own adventure. When you're away set up shop to share your wares in the field. Defeat monsters that threaten you and uncover the knowledge and treasures of the past.

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Here is a preview of the prototype from earlier this year. The UI was finally coming together and the panel changing and progression worked.

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Hello, I want to share some simple screenshots of a prototype of the interface that was from March 2018. This is the title screen. The game's target platform has been mostly Android devices. It's now expanded to a wider-scope of platforms, and the UI changes accordingly to the platform. Here the UI says tap to progress on touch devices. The clouds scroll across the background as you prepare your account and character for the main game. The music here is pretty much the main theme. The soundtrack to Aura is already 3 hours long with a wide variety of beautiful music. It's a massive breath to Aura and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have making the game to it.

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In 2005, I was attending High School where I met Craig Amromin. We didn't share any classes but every day at lunch he was responsible for playing music during the whole break. He also would set up a complete drum set on a busy street corner and play for hours straight shirtless, rocking out. I've always been nearby Craig but I wasn't close enough for us to hang out and spark up that friendship. He produced music for years as a passionate music producer from 2009 to 2013. I listened to it for years unknown to him.

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I always wanted to save up money and have the money to pay for the licenses or to commission more music. I had already once asked him to make a piano piece for me in a 3D animation that I never completed. I still iterate on this game over time, always going back to his music, inspired by it, and feeling as if it was perfect for my world. After many years of listening and being inspired, in December 2016, I messaged Craig out of the blue and ask, "You may not know that I've been a fan of your music and I've been listening to it for years as I work on my game." Craig responds, "That's rad, I had no idea!". I continue by asking, "may I use one or two of your songs to use to develop and promote my game, I've always wanted to pay you for your work but that hasn't worked out. If I could use a song for my demo, that would be perfect and maybe I can buy the rest of your songs later?"

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Currently, Craig is a TV Editor for MTV. He responds, "I had no idea that you enjoyed the music so much or that you're making a game. You can use all of my music, just as long as you give me credit." Craig then sends me his breath of work a complete 3-hour soundtrack to a game, now my games sound. Craig Amromin is an amazing music producer and he is the Nobuo Uematsu to my Final Fantasy. With the success of the Kickstarter in the near future, I hope to be able to reward Craig with compensation for his hard work and to commission more songs to expand upon the game for the fans!

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Here is a screenshot of the ingame UI as it was in the March 2018 prototype. You have the menu and the a minimap in the top right. Your vitals and information at the top left with a black shade to help visibility. The circles on the left still have placeholder text in this screen, but these are control shortcuts. The left stick is for movement and the right stick is for the camera movement. The magic and attack buttons are in a handy spot for your thumb holding a phone in landscape.

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Thank you so much everyone for checking my page and game out. I hope to start the Kickstarter in a few days here, and I am constantly updating and working on the game to bring it to life.

The website is Playaura.online

We're on Twitter at Twitter.com

Aura Online is a hack and Slash MMORPG that will be available to played on Windows, Linux, Steam, Android, and Switch in 2019.

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