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Aura Online is a hack and slash MMORPG where you explore a dynamic world and uncover the relics left behind by ancient civilizations. Current factions fight for territory and resources in a dynamic world that comes to life around you while you're on your own adventure. When you're away set up shop to share your wares in the field. Defeat monsters that threaten you and uncover the knowledge and treasures of the past.

The Story

The catastrophic nature of our universe. A comet often visited the planet of Thesis, orbiting passing through the night sky as predicted. What they didn't notice is how close it got every year. The ancient civilization named the Oracle. They believed it was the answer to all of their woes. When the two bodies met, it caused a great cataclysm that shook Aura and unleashed a column of thunder and lightning, now known now as the cosmic thunderbolt.

Life was nearly wiped out on Thesis, however, life did survive, but it came at a great price. The world lost most of its knowledge and life. Kingdoms were buried and once great monuments to the gods lie broken, tilted, and partially exposed. Great treasures became scattered and magic was lost. The world became a labyrinth, beasts filled in where once high civilizations thrived. It took many years for nature and life to come back and flourish the world again.

The Beginning

When the player creates a new game, they are brought to the character creation screen. Choose from two genders of human and your character's skin tone. Customize your face, hair, eyes, and outfit. The Zodiac sign designated to your character determines universal strengths and weaknesses. The player’s nation also determines where in the world the player begins. Not one beginning area has an advantage over
another, but certain classes do better depending on location. The player is introduced to the first book of Thesis and is given the outline of the cataclysm that shaped the world. The player discovers that this is only volume 1. The player must set out in the world and find the complete set of The Books of Thesis. But there are many mysteries in Thesis with infinite paths.


Most controls can be rebound in the settings.
Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode controls have the left half of the screen used for analog movement, the top right quarter
displays a map, and the bottom right quarter the toggle to auto-run.
Combat Mode
The left half of the screen is used for analog movement. The top right half is used for magic and the
bottom right is used for rapid attack. The Controls are adjustable in the settings with multiple play styles
Freelook takes the camera to a first-person perspective and allows the player to look around by moving
the device.
Analog Sticks
The Left Analog Stick is for movement. The Right Analog Stick is for controlling the camera or a spell.
Bluetooth Controllers
Bluetooth controllers can be hooked up. An official Aura Controller will be made.


Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux (Steam), Android

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Tim Fox at Brainstorm School Inland during critique.

I really wanted to step up the quality of my designs and artwork for my game. I applied for a scholarship and won a partial scholarship to attend Brainstorm School Inland. I am taking World Building 1 with Poe Tan. Poe Tan is an incredible world builder, concept artist, environment artist that has worked amazing productions like Ben 10, Tarzan 2, and Rugrats The Movie. I am learning quite a bit and it has been really fun to push myself as I haven't created this much detail before. I did this of course because I want my games world to be rich and vibrant with original content, ideas, and to have it's own character.

Megamath's Waterfall

For part of my game I have designed a town, how they get their water, what their architecture is like, and other various aspects of how they live. They are a fishing culture that has boats for transportation and fishing. Off in the distance is a grand and mysterious Labyrinth that holds secrets to the past.

For the past two years I have had a few iterations of a Kickstarter for my game. It's always been a draft and that's mostly from too much uncertainty. The problem with Kickstarter are the promises that can too easily not be met. I wanted to promise everything I wanted for my game. I worked on the tiers and set up what I think would have been fair rewards for the prices. I wanted to offer the soundtrack, stickers, posters, shirts and other merch, a bluetooth controller, and features of the game that would be enabled with investment.

Megamath's Labyrinth

With out the capital to even get stickers or any of the other awards, instead of downsizing the Kickstarter, I never wanted to force people to pay for this game more than they should. The Kickstarter investors would still have to subscribe to the finished product and continue to pay when they invested X in the kickstarter and got a couple of exclusives. When I had ramped up the Kickstarter and announced it last November I had completed my draft just short of the video and having the rewards before hand. I disabled my Patreon campaign and was almost ready to go. I've heard some horror stories from failed but successfully funded Kickstarters and I didn't want that to potentially damage my IP, and I probably wasn't ready then either.


Now I have relaunched the Patreon! After the first half of this year of development and not engaging that much with social media, I have determined that Patreon is the way to go right now. I even simplified my patreon that called for similar rewards to Kickstarter but wouldn't have been invested in monthly, scaring away Patreon's. So the Tiers are simple now, $1 of more to gain access to exclusive behind the scenes content, pictures, information, and potential videos and podcasts. $10 or more monthly will give you Early Access to get the game before it's released, the chance to play it and give feedback that can really improve the game. This aligns so much with the final pay model for the game, a $10 monthly subscription where I will switch to my own subscription service and eliminate Patreon.

I am doing my best to get this game playable and out there. I'm exciting for the meetings I have coming up, to hear the feedback, and to grow this game into a proper MMO and business. Please support the game on Patreon at Patreon.com.

The Aura Shop Concept

The Aura Shop Concept


Aura always has your character existing in the game. While you're away your character will set up camp. You then have the option to present your camp...

Screenshots of early prototype from March 2018

Screenshots of early prototype from March 2018


Here is a preview of the prototype from earlier this year. The UI was finally coming together and the panel changing and progression worked.

Hello Everyone! KickStarter coming soon!

Hello Everyone! KickStarter coming soon!


Hello, we're on IndieDB now and we are getting ready to start the Kickstarter!

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