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  1. Aura is a fully 3d, turn-based trading card game that allows players to bring their cards to life on 3d battle fields. Each player controls their Summoner—the equivalent to the King in chess—who must be protected and kept alive at all costs. The player to reduce the enemy Summoner’s hitpoints to 0 will be victorious. Each Summoner has the following stats associated with their character:

Movement Points (MOV) allow a Summoner to move across the board. Each move in any direction (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) will cost 1 mov per square. Each turn mov are reset to the character’s base move, which will vary depending on the Summoner. Certain cards may increase or decrease a Summoner’s mov.

Hit Points (HP) measure the overall health of the Summoner and the game will end if either Summoner’s hp is reduced to 0. Different Summoners will have different starting hp and various cards will allow damaging or healing Summoners to reduce or increase their hp throughout the match.

Aura Points (AP) come in three kinds: earth, fire, and water (green, red, blue). Player’s must expend ap to play cards. Each card will have a specified ap cost. To gain ap, players must secure auras which are located at various locations on the board. To capture auras, a player must either move their Summoner to the square on which the aura is located or build a structure on that square. Once the aura is secured, a player can adjust the aura color by clicking on the square. Players will gain 1 ap of the color selected per turn. Various cards will also allow Players to gain ap.

Cast Range (range) is the distance from a Summoner that cards may be played. When a card is clicked the squares within range will turn red. Different Summoners will have different ranges and various cards may i increase a Summoner’s range.


The gameboards in Aura follow a simple chess-like structure; however, involve more complex square arrangements than the standards 8x8 chessboard. Auras will appear at symmetric locations throughout the gameboard. The procedural programming of Aura allows for infinite gameboard designs and it may be possible to create an option for players to design their own gameboards (either as a kickstarter reward or as a standard game feature.


To play cards each player will need to seize Auras to gain one aura point per turn. To seize an Aura a player must either move their Summoner over the square on which the Aura is located or build a structure on that square. The Aura will come under that player’s control until an enemy Summoner moves to that Square or an enemy structure is built on it. Once and Aura is seized the player may click on it to choose the color of the aura and gain 1 ap of that color each turn. This allows players to change the ap they are gaining based on their needs throughout the match.


There are three card types: creatures, spells, and structures. Each card is associated with one of the three colors and will cost ap of that color to play. Cards deal 1.5 damage against all units of corresponding weak colors. Earth deals bonus damage against water, fire deals bonus damage against earth, and water deals bonus damage against fire.


Creature Cards allow players to summon various creatures into play to attack enemy units and assist allies. Each creature will have three main stats: HP, MOV, and SP. HP and Mov work the same way as Summoner HP and MOV, which a creature dieing once its HP is reduced to 0. SP allows creatures to use their active skills which will either damage or affect enemies, or assist allies. Each creature ability with cost a set amount of SP. Some creatures also have passive skills that take effect without costing SP. Creatures cannot seize Auras.

Creatures may also be subject to various effects such the following:

  1. Stun- disables creature for the duration of the effect. Creature can still be healed and attacked. Indicated by a faint tornado around the creature.
  2. Slow- creature’s MOV is reduced by 1 each turn for the duration of the effect. Indicated by rotating turtles above the creature.
  3. Charm- creature is disabled for the duration of the effect and moves forward automatically one space each turn. Indicated by Hearts floating above creature.
  4. Poison- creature is automatically damaged each turn for the duration of the effect. Indicated by a black smog above the creature.
  5. Burn- Increases all fire damage against creature. Indicated by flames rising from creature. Some skills may consume burn to deal bonus instant damage.
  6. Immobilize- reduces creature’s MOV to 0 for duration of effect. Indicated by an anchor?
  7. Invulnerable-cannot be damaged by enemy spells and skills.


Summoners may use spell cards to generate various effects that assist their armies or punish their enemies. Some spells deal damage to enemies, others may heal allies. Each spell is unique and ap cost varies depending on the effect.


Structures primarily serve as defensive barriers and support to troops that give various benefits; however, some structures also have offensive capabilities. Auras can only be captured by Summoners or Structures occupying the location of the Aura.

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We now have Earthborn Troll working on the online multiplayer network! This means the network is fully functioning now and we will be able to quickly deploy new creature cards reusing this code. We'll release an online multiplayer demo once we have the first three creature cards ready. Stay tuned!

Official Trailer for Aura 3d

Official Trailer for Aura 3d


Our long awaited official trailer is finally ready! Please show your support and help this project come to life!

3d Fantasy Scene Preview

3d Fantasy Scene Preview


Here's a quick preview of our first 3d scene, Arcane Arena. The gameboard procedurally builds itself, allowing for infinitely different gameplay scenarios...

Progress Notes & Short demo video

Progress Notes & Short demo video


Here's a quick demo video while I continue the thankless, endless task of debugging before launching the multiplayer network.

New Sceenshots

New Sceenshots

News 1 comment

We've completed most of the 3d artwork and are working on the lighting and other effects before making our new trailer. Here's some screenshots of the...

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Aura 3d Localized Demo

Aura 3d Localized Demo


This is a very early demo localized for testing on a single computer. Most of the alpha artwork is completed (still missing two 3d models--campfire and...


nice game looking forward to playing it later awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

excellent. i use to play magic in middle school. this looks really fun.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I agree UV. Its a good idea. Usually digiTCGs are just cards and special FX around them and then the winner. I wanna see the fight instaed of just pics for once. If you keep at this game, I'll absolutely be(or at least like to) be among the first to try it out when it comes out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looks nice and promising! Would love to work on this project with you. Keep up the good work! C:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Very cool idea ill be keeeping an eye on this one :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SocraticStudios Creator

Many thanks Unicorns! You just earned yourself free pre-alpha access when I get the server up :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you good sir/madam :D, have you been working on this long? If its just you pretty impressive work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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