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The A.Typical RPG features everyday situations, tactical RPG gameplay, cartoony hand drawn art, branching storyline and a sense of humor in a strange town called whatever-this-place-is-ville. The game is based on the lives of a bunch of friends as they trudge through a college semester, with everyone in the town – ranging from bullies to real estate agents out to get them. Will they be able to survive?

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I'm stunned.That's nice game!

I felt ripped off after buying this game. Its gameplay and story is kinda bad, felt like more of a joke of a game rather than a game itself.


This is a joy to play.


The game's cute, but really buggy and offers no real sense of anything. It's pretty bland. You'd get more thrill re-watching episodes of Doug or just taking a walk.

A nice little game for in between.

Unfortunately, the game could not really convince me further.
A warm story and frequent crashes robbed me quickly the fun.



timarc says

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I really liked it.

Took me a while to finish because I had to stop and study (exams and work don't mix well with gaming) but I did finish and I enjoyed it a lot.

Really liked the graphics too, they fit the game and are fun!


Sort of fun while it lasted, was extremely buggy, clunky, and if you don't count the number of times I had to restart or got caught in a gameplay loop, only about 30 minutes long. Do not recommend at the price.


Johnnydjent says


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