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Beware, puny humans! Remember the good ol' arcade days? Way before free-to-play, a billion dollar industry, quick-time events or DLCs were invented? Let's dive into the golden age of gaming again with Arson and Plunder! Arson and Plunder is a 2D arcade/beat'em up adventure based on the big genre classics of the 90's. The core gameplay has been technically modernized and is now demanding your vote! In perfect beat'em up style you wade as a merciless orc or magic wielding elf through the blood of hordes of your enemies. In single player mode, switch between characters who have magically been bound to each other. The game features beautiful 2D visuals, interactive scenarios and a humorous story. Survive and free your realm from the human occupying power in five difficulty levels. While playing you can always switch between being an orc or an elf. This element makes the game especially dynamic. Don't forget to vote "Yes" on STEAM GREENLIGHT, or Plunder snaps out again!

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