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Arnthak is a platform/adventure game that takes place in a large scale world. The graphics use the colours of the EGA palette, harking back to earlier style platformers. Use various items to find your way past obstacles, upgrade your Mage's tower and customise it with different Thrones & Banners while discovering a vast amount of lore for the setting. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, from Below the Root & Captain Comic 2 to simpler platform games like Commander Keen & Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. Thematically, it was originally intended to be much darker, focusing on an evil protagonist. Arnthak is written in Java using Slick2d, and has been in the works for many moons. It will emerge from its chrysalis in 2014, but for now can be tested on Feedback Fridays over on reddit's r/gamedev.

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