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Lightweight lane strategy. Choose and combine your factions, summon units, buildings and spells. There is no real multiplayer, but to simulate it, the AI does some smacktalking and calls you a noob a lot of times. Otherwise we have vampires and zombies and giant spiders and regular sized rats too. We have a demo version, we have a lot of ideas how to improve the game, like giving the player the ability to punch the AI at the end of the game, or perhaps adding new factions and game modes, we aren't sure which would be more popular. If you want to follow our progression, please like us on facebook!

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TheGamer20 says

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Nice job!!!


Handsome_Never says

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I LOVE THIS GAME! It is worth buying on steam! If you don't have it, BUY IT RIGHT NOW! You'll love this game (if you like strategy games).


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