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Arms Dealer is a PC game that empowers the player to smuggle weapons and vehicles in and out of countries around the world in an attempt to amass a fortune. You will bribe generals, compete against other smugglers and try to evade multiple law enforcement agencies as you strive to build a reputation as the best. * Find the best weapons to offer your customers * Hire pilots and captains to hide your wares amongst their cargo so you can outsmart authorities * Buy your own fleet of specialized smuggling craft when you have the money and reputation to do so * Sabotage the competitions ships, hire pirates to steal their cargo, collude with law enforcement to take them out permanently * Employ a private spy agency to provide valuable information about opportunities around the globe * Hire mercenaries to start revolutions or conflicts between nations to drive up profits * Every move you make has consequences. Risky moves are profitable but bring everyone down on you Do what it takes

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