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Arachnid is the ultimate nightmarish runner that puts you in an endless cubic maze infested with dreadful, menacing spiders. Your only weapons against them are your magic orbs. Cast them frantically at the spiders and watch them shatter into pieces! Unfortunately, the further you run, the more spiders you'll encounter. Your tragic doom is already destined, but how far can you run before you meet your gruesome, shredded end?

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Dev Blog#2 Playable Teaser


Here is a video of the playable teaser of our new working-in-process game, Arachnid.

The playable teaser is available here, we're looking forwards to your feedback : Orangesheepgames.com


Arachind screenshots 1 1

Arachind screenshots 2 1

Arachind screenshots 3 1

Theme Color Design

Theme Color Design


We are making our first Unity project in recent months. Since it is our first “born” in 3D , we decided to try something simple, cool and addictive...

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