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Apocalypse Not is a very ambitious game. It aims to bring FPS/RTS/RPG and survival horror elements all into one game… And to well, actually not have it suck. The basic concept is that you are a survivor in a randomly generated city trying to rebuild civilization or to just survive long enough to escape. To rebuild you’ll need to find and recruit survivors in order to defend your territory and fortify new areas. Each area you fortify will provide different bonuses. For example a power plant will activate the power grid providing light during the night hours along with other added bonuses. Capturing houses will provide places for your survivors to live and allow you to recruit more. Farms provide food and the police station will probably have some weapons and ammunition. The game is currently free in it’s Alpha state, and I plan to release a new update every week with something new.

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Viikkis says

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GUYS IT'S ALPHA! I give this 5. Cant say for sure yet how this will be.


(S)ofocante says

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The, I really love this game is one of the best and played zombie apocalypse that combines Shoter rpg and deserves this score that was desarrolo oviamente but eventually this will be a great game


Dr_Tomorrow says

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I rarely see an Independent standalone game to be created with such an ambitious way
Although its Final alpha as of now, I still wont be able to describe as to why this game is so great
The only way to find out is to try it out yourself
Your time will not be wasted
Waiting for this more than I am waiting for Underhell


anonhubertdudowicz says

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The controls are terrible the gameplay is very bad. In addition to that the gameplay is one of the worst I have ever seen.


TotallyNotMatt says

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Ok, so this game kinda exited me to first play it. When I first saw the menu, I thought it would be a cool zombie survival game. It is not. Its a unstable game where movement is laggy and seemingly floaty, the enemies run at you and do not make direct movements to hit you, the health system is flawed and so is the combat. This is why I give this game a 2/10.


TheBowser says

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The zombies take a whole magazine of ammo to kill even on easy and they run pretty fast too. Its really difficult and the survivors I saved got in my way so I had to kill one -_- just a bad zombies game. Graphics are okay and the door animations are okay but other than that it needs work.


Noah_W says

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