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Apocalypse Not is a very ambitious game. It aims to bring FPS/RTS/RPG and survival horror elements all into one game… And to well, actually not have it suck. The basic concept is that you are a survivor in a randomly generated city trying to rebuild civilization or to just survive long enough to escape. To rebuild you’ll need to find and recruit survivors in order to defend your territory and fortify new areas. Each area you fortify will provide different bonuses. For example a power plant will activate the power grid providing light during the night hours along with other added bonuses. Capturing houses will provide places for your survivors to live and allow you to recruit more. Farms provide food and the police station will probably have some weapons and ammunition. The game is currently free in it’s Alpha state, and I plan to release a new update every week with something new.

Post news RSS Apocalypse Not Alpha Version 0.0.22 Released

Apocalypse Not has reached Alpha Version 0.0.22 as of Sunday, September 9th. Major performance improvements have been made for this release as the game nears its beta stage. The game is available for free download both on IndieDB, and The official Apocalypse Not website. Read the full story for all the details.

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Version .22 of Apocalypse Not is now available and brings several much needed performance improvements and graphical changes. Among these are a changed zombie model with new attack animations, and less detailed video options. The game also now features 2 new items and 2 separate map sizes

Previously the game had several rendering issues that were causing a lot of frame dropping, and this has been a large problem. It has made the game much less enjoyable and for some, unplayable. As of this release, those issues have been for the most part eliminated. Several code, rendering, and modelling issues were meticulously corrected to make the game run as fast as possible until the full engine is in use.

Also two new items, the GPS and Map, have been added to the random spawners. The Map will allow you to view the map, and the GPS will give you the added benefit of tracking your position.

The zombie model was replaced with a green tinted survivor model, and now makes use of an attack animation to show the player that they are being hit. Hit boxes were also corrected and the AI received an overhaul for smoother gameplay.

The game can be downloaded from either the Official Website or the IndieDB page. Below is a list of the added changes, and a view of the new zombie model.

.22 Release picture

Newly Added:
· Map item pickup that provides use of the map
· GPS item pickup that shows map and current position
· Changed Zombie model to a green shaded survivor
· Changed detail levels to improve performance
· Added attack animations to Zombies
· Major Performance Improvements
· Added map size options

Recently Fixed:
· Zombie collider correction


Gonna try it

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