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As a survivor of the apocalypse, you have moved from location to location, from safehouse to safehouse, always running from the zombie horde. Fed up with the bleak and abysmal apocalypse, you return to your parent’s hotel in the hope to reclaim your birthright and to rebuild the once famous hotel into a safe and secure refuge against the terrors of the new world.


Build and renovate a hotel amidst the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Renovate and repair the newly named ‘Apocalypse Hotel’.
  • Play host to hundreds of unique guests.
  • Build a variety of different rooms to attract different customers.
  • Put on entertainment in the form of zombie pit fights.
  • Keep your guests fed and happy or risk them leaving for a more comfortable safehouse.
  • House up to 50 survivors in your hotel at any one time.

Explore the surrounding city for supplies and to find survivors to join you.

  • Action RPG with pistols, flame throwers, military lasers, machine guns, and chainsaws
  • Drive around a dynamic city where new quests can appear at any time.
  • Listen to the radio in order to learn of survivors or hidden caches.
  • Fight your way through the city, explore every house, and explore creepy and dark hospitals.
  • Atmospheric torchlight system that is truly frightening.
  • Choose to take your pet zombie dog or up to 8 other survivors.

Scavenge the world and craft your way to success.

  • • Scavenge hundreds of items from around the world.
  • • Craft new guns and upgrade your old ones.
  • • Cook meals for your guests or to use as health packs.
  • • Take materials from abandoned houses to create new rooms for your hotel.
  • • Enhance your Zombie Dog by creating new genetic recipes.

Equip your allies and take them with you.

  • Equip your survivor friends with armour and guns and take them on quests.
  • Command your allies individually by talking to them individually.
  • Shout out commands to your group and watch them obey.
  • Use your pet to discover secrets or buff your party.

Enjoy a non-compulsory 20 hour storyline.

  • Discover the truth behind the zombie apocalypse.
  • Go to space!
  • Learn to control the zombie plague and work towards transforming yourself into the ultimate human/zombie hybrid!

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Storyboard Intro Scenes


'Apocalypse Hotel' approaches the idea of the zombie-apocalypse in a novel manner. In the AH universe it is the coming of an alien race, intent on terraforming their planet to make it hospitable for themselves, that pump into our atmosphere the chemicals which precipitate the change in human DNA. This gives us a whole host of classical horror enemies to draw from: from the Gogfang aliens themselves, through the newly awakened dead, to horrifying mutations of both people and creatures. Well, I'll say no more about it and instead show some of the storyboard scenes we plan to use in the game's introduction...










Guns and Ammo!

Guns and Ammo!


No zombie game would be complete without an array of weapons to use against the undead, and Apocalypse Hotel is no different. Take a look below to see...

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