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Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World is a traditional point-and-click adventure game, in the vain of Samorost and Machinarium, where solving puzzles comes with a sense of discovery and accomplishment. This gameplay style, merged with unique artstyle inspired by 15th century engravings, creates the perfect backdrop for a story about heartbreak, redemption and, quite literally, the end of the world.

In Apocalipsis you play as Harry, for whom the loss of his beloved was the end of his world. Now he has to venture out into the strange, unwelcoming lands to get her back. On his journey he will meet fantastical creatures, straight from the minds of artists from the 15th century Europe, and ultimately conquer his own, personal demons. Featuring the narration by Nergal, leader of the band Behemoth, with the added atmospheric new rendition of Behemoth's music, it will be a journey to remember.

Apocalipsis shares with the Middle Ages its artstyle and the game’s world itself is inspired by Book of Revelation and steeped in medieval philosophy and beliefs, with the story taking cues from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”. Every location and character in Apocalipsis was inspired by classical woodcuts by 15th and 16th century artists such as Hans Holbein, Michael Wolgemut, and Albrecht Dürer. This pairing of medieval art and philosophy with video games creates something unique, like you’ve never seen before.

Come, let us take you on a journey you will not forget!


  • Play a classic point-and-click adventure game with a twist

  • Witness medieval art coming alive in a video game

  • Find a new, somber rendition of Behemoth’s music hidden in the game

  • Hear Behemoth's Nergal’s dark voice telling you the story of Harry

  • Meet creatures straight from the 15th century codices

  • Experience a journey through the end times and see one of the available endings

  • Visit over two dozen unique locations with puzzles to be solved and hidden meanings to be discovered

  • Earn achievements, just like they did in 1495!

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We are thrilled to announce its biggest sale event of the year exclusively for Nintendo Switch owners. The Klabater Publisher Sale on Nintendo Switch is set from May 25th until 7th, offering gamers the opportunity to expand their gaming libraries at unprecedented prices and to participate in a special “Chain Reaction Game”.

Chain Reaction with arrow

As part of the owner discount, players will receive From Shadows, completely free of charge when the event kicks off. This bonus is just the beginning of the deals that await Nintendo Switch users during this limited-time sale.

Chain Reaction Game

Throughout the sale period, Klabater will be unveiling a chain reaction of discounts on various titles from their Switch collection. Every 2-3 days, gamers can anticipate another owner discount on one more title. It goes as follows:

  • May 25th – May 28th – free of charge From Shadows

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  • May 31st – June 1st – 70% on Crossroads Inn: A Fantasy Tavern Sim

  • June 2nd – June 4th – 50% on Weedcraft Inc

  • June 5th – June 7th – 50% extra on the entire catalog

What sets this sale apart is the cascading effect of these discounts. With the purchase of one game at a discounted price, customers will unlock an even greater discount on another title.

Check the video content!

800x800 chain reaction

Apocalipsis: Harry at The End of the World Debuts on Nintendo Switch on January 10th

Apocalipsis: Harry at The End of the World Debuts on Nintendo Switch on January 10th

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Klabater announced today Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World - an adventure game where medieval art comes alive to tell a timeless story of love...

This Week In Indie Games: January 13 2019

This Week In Indie Games: January 13 2019


The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of January 13 2019.

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