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The multiverse is in danger! Defend the world of Coelho #6, in this retro styled open world FPS.



Day Dreamer Games
Based in United States

Release date:
August 17 2020



Available From:
$5.99 - Steam


The multiverse is in danger! Defend the world of Coelho #6, in this mind bending retro styled open world FPS.


Apastron is a game I was trying to make for a long time while attending university. I ended up leaving school for health reasons. I pursued making Apastron putting in as many hours as physically possible. I released Episode 1 on Aug 18th 2020. Episode 2 launched on Oct 26th as a free content update. Dec 12th I added a new game mode to the game called the Macrocosm. It added some story and a chance for players to fight for rare drops and new abilities. Infiltrations #1 will launch on January 31st. An Episode 3 will launch some time in 2021. The more people support this game the more I will support this game. All content I've made past episode 1 is extra. I had a philosophy while making this game to treat the world like it's a fluid space. It changes and these stories have history. Every other month in 2021 will have some sort of content update for Apastron. I'm always working my hardest to make it a better game and continue to tell Phoebe's story. Coelho has a lot more stories to tell. The first spinoff of the Apastron Universe is coming in the means of an RPG called Entodrive. The Apastron himself makes an apparence in this game and the mysteries of Coelho go deeper as you explore a Coelho that also drowned, but became peaceful instead. Another spinoff coming is a small platformer called Roxie vs The Undead, it is currently Tba.

Out Now :

Episode 1 : Nation of Apathy (Aug 18th 2020)

Episode 2 : Universe of Sin (Oct 29th 2020)

Gamemode : Macrocosm Event (Dec 12th 2020)

Coming Soon :

Map Pack : Infiltrations #1 (Jan 31 2021)

Episode 3 : Time Of Crisis (TBA)


  • Retro Fps
  • Open World
  • Looter Shooter


Apastron Free Expansion Gameplay YouTube

Apastron Gameplay YouTube

Apastron Ice Level Gameplay YouTube

Apastron Launch Trailer YouTube

Apastron Development Trailer YouTube


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About Day Dreamer Games

Dev of Apastron, Entodrive, Otter Space Rescue, Welcome Home, Super Hipster Lumberjack, and more.

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