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The Idea

It all starts in a gorgeous and flowery wood, everything's beautiful and sunny, but at some point you feel weak, you're alone and everything begins to be difficult. Walking, breathing, looking, thinking. Very difficult. What's going on?

The Experience

The game tries to make you live what real anxiety is.

No cheap static effects on camera. No common horror clichès, just the real stuff.

Everything has been carefully studied to let you achieve anxiety.

There's nowhere to hide when the "monster" is within you.

This is not the classical jumpscare game, the approach is very different.

This is not meant to let you have "fun", everything in the game tries to make you live anxiety.

This is an interactive experience and its approach is very intimate with the problem yet very effective.

Will you make it to the very end, or are you going to be overwhelmed by anxiety?

Behind the game

About 15% of the entire world population suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder. But exactly, how does it feel?

I've got direct experience with anxiety attacks for many years and decided to raise awareness about the problem, thus trying to show what really happens when anxiety arises, trying to be as precise as possible.

A few words before starting

Unrecommended for people with photosensitive epilepsy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

Please use this experience at your own risk.

What people say

"An effective representation of anxiety" - local psychologist

"I had no fear... just... anxiety"

"Short but intense"

"It's not a game that is easy to like because it's not about having fun, yet left me strong feelings about it. I really appreciate the effort, technically well made, good job!"

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Hi everyone,

I'm particularly proud to announce that Anxiety Attacks has finally made it into Steam Greenlight.

The game tries to emerge from the mass of jumpscare games by offering an accurate yet effective way to involve the player, to make him/her feel how really is anxiety.

The game has a very restrict audience because it's so unique, so I need all the possible help to make it stand. Sometimes being unique isn't enough.

And here's where YOUR action counts.

Please upvote Anxiety Attack in the following page!


Thank you ^_^


This game has a very interesting concept, due to the fact that I myself do have severe Anxiety/panic disorder. Is it more of an anxiety attack simulator, or is it more of a game itself? Either way, looking forward to more of this game.

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NeatWolf Creator

As a premise, I've been experiencing anxiety/panic attacks for many years, so this is a subject I think I know very well, I think it's pretty accurate.
Well, on a side, no, saying it's anxiety attack simulator would be a bit pretentious, there are simply too many physical aspect I or anyone can't reproduce. I don't want to call it this way. Many people could get offended. On the other side, it actually tries to reproduce them (but there are so many different variations, I did my best to pick the most common hues). It tries to break the user's patience to the point of changing impatience to anxiety.
This is not a game, more an interactive experience, even if there are elements that can be qualified as "game mechanics and elements". I don't like to say that you're "playing". This is a serious issue and think everyone playing it should not even try to compare it to a game. That's not what it's made for. There are elements that can trigger attacks, and some testers even cried.
There are many gameplay videos around, but most of the youtubers just played it speaking aloud, doing a commentary, creeping out like it was a scarejump game, and that was not what I created the game for. The good part, is that they allowed the game to become more reknown. It will be soon released on Steam.

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NeatWolf Creator

(framerate may appear laggy due to the recording software, I'm going to try and improve smoothness and resolution of the video when possible)

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