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Welcome to the colony, you only get one chance.

AntLife is a 2D ant strategy game where you focus on keeping your colony thriving!


Some of the stand out features of AntLife are:

  • End level ranking system
  • Procedural nest generation, each level is different
  • Sandbox mode - choose the nest size and its limits
  • Tweakable settings
  • Other features:
    • Ant tracking
    • Speed controls


AntLife is still in the early stages of development.

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Devblog #1

This week has mainly been centred around implementing core features and uploading our first demo!

Next week I plan to fix a few bugs, tweak the UI, and add some more gameplay features.

New Video


You can download an early version of AntLife from the below websites:


Version 0.0.1

  • Added ant tracking
  • Added basic Android™ support
  • Added basic insects (aphids and wasps)
  • Added basic soldiers
  • Added basic workers
  • Added camera controls
  • Added end game ranking system
  • Added egg hatching
  • Added food system (one shot and multi eat)
  • Added random level generation
  • Added timescale altering [Experimental]
  • Added Unity Analytics
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AntLife v0.0.2

AntLife v0.0.2


Version 0.0.2 of AntLife, see the description for features.

AntLife v0.0.1

AntLife v0.0.1

Demo 1 comment

The first release! Version 0.0.1 of AntLife, see the description for features.

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