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Angel's Demise is an anime 3D fighter game with open-world elements. Players around the globe will have to help, defeat, defy and trust each other in order to survive and become the leader of the Fallen Angels. Players have access to melee, magic and range to defeat their enemies that include both people and monsters that realm the open world. The game uses the power of Unreal Engine to create powerful systems and advanced stylized visuals, to give the game as much of an emphasis on quality as possible.

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The official Kickstarter campaign for Angel's Demise has started!

Angel's Demise is a video game that draws familiar concepts from JRPGs in an authentic anime art style.

Taking place on an open-world island, there are eight playable characters, each with their own stories and chapters, where you can interact with other players, enabling players to make choices that will greatly affect the course of their campaign that can transition between singleplayer and multiplayer experiences seamlessly.

Each character has their own individual physical attributes, weapons and magic abilities, based upon their past experiences and personality. Decisions and sacrifices must be made in order to survive to become the leader of the Fallen Angels. A single mistake could seal your fate.

The real-time battle system allows you to use melee, magic and ranged attacks with different skill sets per character. You will have immersive control over your character's movements and attacks to engage in energetic battles between players and complex AI in both open-world and arena settings.

When players come into contact, they will have the option to battle for superiority, cooperate to reach a similar goal, or to continue on independently.

The dialogue system between players and NPCs is dynamic to allow much more strategic gameplay, using them to your advantage over other players. Dialogue between players themselves is also dynamic, allowing various paths of conversations with full control, therefore players can greatly affect the path of their characters campaign.

Multiplayer features can be accessed through:
·Online servers - both client-run and dedicated
·LAN servers
·Split-screen offline mode

Angel's Demise utilizes Unreal Engine 4 to provide the best, advanced stylized visuals possible that provides an emphasis on quality.

To back this project, just follow this link: Kickstarter.com

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