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Game is very early in development. This is a sandbox survival , players can mine, craft, build bases, capture territory and if they do not like being just a human surviving they can choose to be the insectum and seek out other players to devour and build their empire. Current Version of the game Alpha 0.1.76 and a current closed alpha is available to users. Andromeda : Planetary Survival is set in the closest galaxy to the Milky Way , millions of colonist left the system due to political pressure. Upon arrival at their new home their ship came under attack and obliterating their ship. As a survivor the player is set out on a hostile world full of threats and challenges to their very exsistance. This is a Sandbox Sci-fi Survival game in which players can form factions, build defenses, vehicles and lay waste to their opponents. The world is persistent and even when players log off they will face challenges from their enemy the Insectum.

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