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This is the story of three robots, tired of the endless monotony of their jobs. Help them break away from their programming and escape from their high security, trap-ridden workplace! Help the robots work together through 50 different puzzles, using each of their individual talents, to avoid traps and obstacles like spikes, fire, pits and lava! A light hearted puzzle adventure through the world of our unsatisfied automatons, Amp, Watts & Circuit will see you soon!

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Feb 22 2012 Anchor

Hey everyone,
Thanks for checking out Amp, Watts & Circuit!
I'd like to use this space for people who are supporting the game to get their input and to have a say in what features they want to see, or things that they think should be done differently in the game. Hopefully we will get some good conversations going in here, and all have a lot of fun!

Don't forget you can get the full game here - Indievania.com,

Feb 24 2012 Anchor

hello, i finished game. though i am not sure if i finished, i read as 50 levels but first 3 big levels have 45 levels total, i couldnt find a puzzle in last one. anyway it is not important. i liked game, to be honest if it had more challenging puzzles, i could like more. i pretty found it very casual overall, i think there is not much variety in difficulty in levels. and those lazer levels are a bit not like a puzzle. graphics are really nice, the puzzled faces of characters and their walk made me smile everytime. i really liked it. i love to play puzzle games however i dont know how a puzzle is designed, i really have no idea. but if you focus on level design a bit more for your next game or for a DLC, i think it is better. thanks for game. good luck in your future projects.

sorry it is my bad, i looked again after post and those 5 levels are just in front of me : ) i solved them too. thanks again for game.

Mar 7 2012 Anchor

Sorry for the super late reply! I'm glad you liked the game and found those last 5 levels!
One of the biggest challenges with the game was making the puzzles difficulty right, some people found it difficult while others got through easily. What you say sounds good, maybe I'll make some super hard DLC levels later if enough people want them!

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