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Nyx, the Goddess of Sleep, guides Amo on his journey to become the hero he admires.

This was a week long GameJam project that I and two fellow classmates embarked on. Our professor gave us a theme of '45 Degrees'. We spent roughly 10 hours a day, Sunday-to-Sunday during Thanksgiving break taking our concept to a fully realized interactive experience. We designed, concepted, modeled, rigged, animated, and scripted everything you see in the game. We would love it if the community could give critique, feedback, and comments!

We hope you enjoy Amo's adventure!

Spacebar starts the game.
Click on the triangle you want to place.
A and D rotate it.
Spacebar to place the triangle.
R to reset Amo if he gets stuck.

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Creating Amo In A Week


45 Degrees. That was the prompt my professor gave me and two classmates for a week-long GameJam project. We limited ourselves to one week of development, Sunday-to-Sunday. In exactly one week, we took our little concept and actually concocted a playable, interactive experience. We spent roughly 10 hours a day working on this project, so in a combined effort, that's about 210 hours between the three of us. We started out brainstorming what '45 degrees meant', whether it was temperature or angles..We decided on a strong triangular aesthetic that reinforced the idea of sharp angles. For a week's worth of work, we think Amo turned out to be an eye-opening learning experience, as well as an interesting, even if rough, finished product. We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we did making it!

Interestingly enough, even though we had such a short amount of time for development, we still wanted to include a strong narrative, even if it was simple. I worked with my fellow classmates to develop a story in which Amo, our hero, is guided by Nyx, the Goddess of Sleep, on his adventure to become the hero he admires. Nyx helps Amo by placing triangles in his path to help him overcome obstacles. We set up special 'hero' locations that included a shop, a giant tree, and a shrine, where he obtained the armour he needs in order to become that hero. We also didn't want the game to include violence, so if Amo fails in his quest, he gets another try.

My own personal involvement on the project included a lot of the art direction. On day one I sat down and drew up some concept art for the character, the mood, the settings, etc. After that, the rest of the development days became a blur of modeling, animating, and applying materials. We spent about 6 days on content creation. The last day was when everything took most of it's shape, as I spent a good couple hours set dressing the level and bringing Amo's little world to life.

I could go on and on about how much we learned from this project, which was a ton. I could also talk about all the problems we experienced and how if we had had more time, this and that could have been fixed/added. But I'm truly happy we spent our school break building something unique, hopefully fun, engaging, and artistically driven with great friends who we've gotten much closer to over the last couple of days. We'd love if it you could try the game out, leave some feedback on all of our hard work!

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This is the full game download for Amo. It's compressed into a .rar file so it'll be a faster download. Follow this path to run the application: \Amo\Amo\Binaries\Win32\Amo...

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