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You are a regular college student living in a fictional American city in the near future, who has decided to buy a personal android, or AMI (Autonomous Mechanical Individual). This is a western sci-fi styled visual novel about the hijinks that ensue on your day off.

About 9000 words
A smattering of dialog choices
About half an hour's worth of gameplay
Full German language option

Jonathan X. - Writing, UI Design, Programming, Production
Kara Zisa - Character Art
Jonathan Guzi - Background Art
Vince Parrish - Music
Marcel Weyers - German Translation
Julian-Lennart Weigand - iPad Port
(Free bedroom BG from Auro-Cyanide)

This visual novel was developed for NaNoReNo 2013. It functions as a self-contained story and is not related to anything else.

To download the game on iPad, you can use this link.

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If you thought there was no more news about AMI, think again! The short visual novel AMI: Autonomous Assistant has been released on iPad for the low, low price of free thanks to a generous offer by the programmer Julian Weigand. If you haven't checked it out, you can now play this half-hour visual novel on your iPad!

You can find the download here or search for it on the App Store. If you enjoyed it, be sure to rate it up.

AMI Version 1.1 Released!

AMI Version 1.1 Released!


The new Version 1.1 of AMI has been released. This provides minor fixes and includes a full German translation by Marcel Weyers.

AMI Released!

AMI Released!


The visual novel AMI: Autonomous Assistant has been released for PC, Mac and Linux.

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AMI: Autonomous Assistant 1.1

AMI: Autonomous Assistant 1.1

Full Version

The full cross-platform version of the AMI visual novel.

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