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Our goal is to achieve complexity through simplicity…ironic right? We think many video games, and even board games, tend to make things so complicated in order to make things more interesting and keep players from moving on to a new game. At Simplexity Game Studio, we believe that we can create a fun and lasting game with a simple yet refined set of rules and gameplay. We believe that the greatness of a game isn’t determined by the amount of things involved in the game, but the quality and thought put into what IS in the game. With Amalgam, we tried to create a simple design, with as small a learning curve as possible, and in return giving the players endless strategies and letting their mind and creativity do the rest of the work. We like to (although a bit of a bold statement) think of Amalgam as the ‘Modern Chess’. Of course, we will be ecstatic if Amalgam becomes one tenth as popular as chess, but we are using Chess’ “complexity through simplicity” as our role model.

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The main screenshot is the overview of the game details!

Infographic 1

Want to see screenshots and more info?

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100% Skill
No luck involved here. No matter what the outcome, win or lose, it’s a reflection of your performance. We want this to be a competitive game that focuses on you and your game-play choices.

Unique and Original
We like to think that our game is different than any other game out there. Our goal is not to simply pull from other game ideas, but to create something original and progressive.

Interactive Pieces
Although this is a board game, each piece should feel alive and interactive. We hope to bring the game to life instead of having a traditional (static) board game feel.

Compelling Story
A storyline isn’t one of our main goals for Amalgam, but we still plan on incorporating an intriguing and compelling story into the game. By creating a story we hope to bring more life into our characters, and in turn, make for a more exciting experience.

Thanks for checking us out! Ask us questions and follow us for updates. We plan to start a Kickstarter then launch on Steam! Thank you!

here are some extras! (keep in mind these are VERY early pictures!)

amalgam apalacios jade v2 720



Capture 1

Capture 2

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