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/!\ No download yet, the game is complete at ~80%

This is the first isometric RPG game with sterographic images (blue/red technologie)!

Gameplay :
Your are Sasha Schwarzschild, the repporter of the exploration team. To achieve your goal, you will have to explore the world around you : the huge interstellar spacecraft : The ArKaum, And Trantor, the exoplanet. Find and buy items to increase your skills and use your scientific knowledge to solve problems...

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How to modelised a real town quickly

Props Modelling Tutorial

-First, find the map you will use. Take care that there is a little of text.

Paris in construction
Exemple of map.

-Then, with the gimp (or photoshop) take the colour of the buildings and with the pen, erase all the text written on the buildings. This step could be long.
-(Optional step) With the "Selective Gaussian Blur" tool, homogenise the colour of the building. /!\ Buildings outline must'nt be blurry!
-"Select by colour" the buildings and copy the selection on a new image.
-Use the "Threshold " tool in order to make your building white. The background must be in the opposite colour (black). then, save the B&W image of your map.

Paris in construction
Paris map after the procedure.

-Open 3D software, Cinema 4D is perfect for that job, I don't know if Blender or 3DS max can do it.
-Create a "vectorizer" object and chocse your B&W map for texture. Make the Spline editable and change his type into linear type.
-Add a Loft NURBS and place the Spline in the NURBS : C4D create polygons where the buildings are.
-Make the NURBS editable, select all the polygons, extrude it, Bevel it, and you obtained a city !
-Now you can modelised complexe buldings like momuments that the present procedure make it bad.

Paris in construction

even if the buildings are not in hight poly, the result is quite good !

Notes an ideas :
-Make different N&B image of your map with differents bluidings on each images in order to create quickly differents hight of buildings.
-Modelised chimney and other rooftop objetcs, then with a colners objetc in object mode place randomly objects on the buildings.

Paris in construction
some hours later..


This game is looking pretty dang awesome :) Can't wait to see more

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