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Overview: Alone & Hunted is a first person psychological #horror game that takes place in a hunted high school where you are stuck inside and away from any kind of life... or at least that's what you want to think. Story: You are playing as a 27 year old teacher, namely Rachel Morningstar who is the grand daughter of a famous torturer that used to catch people and torture them till death and then destory their souls or enslave them. Many years later Rachel gets trapped by some of those souls and has to fight against them in a game that will take Rachel back to her roots to discover the true nature of her and her familiy in the desperated efforts of saving her own life from the creatures of another world.

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We are currently working on the basement of the building and we expect to release a game update on our discord by the end of June! We are doing this to ensure quality of map when the game comes out later this year.

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