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Alien Outrun is a retro styled twin stick shooter developed by a team of three students for a school project. Scooper is a robot created by the aliens from planet Schroot. He was created from old parts and machines, combined with an UFO. The aliens thought it was handy to have such a robot that could take over part of their tasks. They created Scooper as a slave. Doing hard and heavy jobs, destroy enemy's and planets with his laser blast. But what the aliens did not know, is that Scooper was slowly learning. Learning that the aliens from planet Schroot were the enemy. They were taking over planets and destroying innocent people. One day, Scooper came up with an escape plan. He used his laser blast and shield to defend himself against this monstrous aliens. Scooper has been on the run since this day. The aliens are still hunting him down, trying to captivate him. But Scooper will never allow it.

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