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Create your own personal artifical intelligence robot and share it with the world!

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codemasters says

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Great value for money as it has infinite replay value. Downloaded the demo and I was completely hooked, me and my brother are both creating robots and seeing who's is the best.

Can't wait for the new features though, 10/10 well worth it!


imdb says

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At first I wasn't sure, as it seems more of an app than a game. However, when I started training the robot I became to realize how addictive this is and am actually making a nice robot now. And the ability to share your robot, as well as view others quicky makes it that much cooler.

The only reasons I didn't give it a 10 is because:

Some scripting features would be nice, it does say they will be added soon but still, would be cool to have it now. And the tutorial is a bit lackluster, but the small price tag is justified as there are no limits.


Ali_Army107 says

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AWESOME APP! But can you add it to Mac OS X


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ecracker says

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