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Age of Warscape is a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that puts you at the center of your own story revolving around the destructive war known as 'The Great War'. As the genocidal war between two superpower political factions, The Arbiters and the 2nd Legion, ravages the world and everyone on it, you must venture through the vast world of Uloff in an attempt to put an end to the War, with your chosen faction as the victor. Become the hero, or the villain, of your own, personal story as you team up with allies in order to put an end to the Great War and stop the Eternal Necromancer, Lord Jesavich.



* Shape your own story

No playthrough will ever be the same for anyone! Every decision that you make causes the game to randomize how your story progresses, meaning what you say, where you go, who you choose to interact with, and even your chosen race and faction, affect how the rest of your story plays out. With interactive dialogue, fully voiced-over characters, and cinematic cutscenes, you have the full ability to shape your story and your gameplay.

* Venture from land to seas

Venture through the vast world of Uloff on land or sea, and explore hundreds of different areas. Travel on foot through vast regions, sail across the massive oceans in your own vessel, or take to the skies. Explore the plains, climb mountains, go deep into caves, hack your way through dense forests, sail across the dangerous seas, and tread through the swampy marshlands. Uloff is a huge world filled with wonders, treasures, and mysteries.

* Engage in life or death combat

Uloff is littered with powerful enemies and bosses. You must use your full abilities to defend yourself against the countless hordes of hostiles. With a powerful combat system and unique battle features, you can easily dominate all who oppose you! Battle hand-to-hand against enemies, use magic to crush your opponents or aid your allies, pilot large mecha-suits to take on large hordes, or even use vehicles to aid you in combat. You can battle on land, in air, or even at sea! Learn new techniques and abilities as you progress and level up, and show no mercy on the battlefield! Bring glory to your faction, and bring hell to all who oppose it!

* Unleash your inner decorator!

Need to take a break? Want to throw a party? Like decorating? In Age of Warscape, you can purchase and decorate your very own livingspace! Buy a house in the location you want, decorate it to your heart’s content, and invite your friends over! Buy furniture and decorations from shops and vendors to help make your house your own.

* Never go into war alone

As you venture through the world Uloff, you gain new followers that aid you in combat and add a new layer of personality to your gameplay. Build relationships or hostilities with your followers, equip them with powerful armour, and even engage in side-missions with them.

* Customize your character

Take control of how who look in Age of Warscape with a fully customizable Playable Character! Choose their faction, name, race, gender, hair colour, body shape/size, eye colour, skin colour, hair style, scars, tattoos, face shape, facial hair, and much more! Further customize your character by giving them armour and equipment, such as helmets, headresses, chestpieces, leggings, clothing, and even jewelry, gloves, and boots! Show off your creativity and uniqueness, and even intimidate other players.

* Indulge yourself in MMO-style multiplayer

Never run into a huge battle alone! Team up and interact with other Age of Warscape players all across the world! Trade, duel, explore, compete, or form a guild with your friends or even other users, and conquer the battlefield together. Bring hell to the PvP arenas, complete extremely difficult dungeons, and just plain explore with other like-minded players. Not a fan of MMOs? No worries! You can easily complete your main storyline without player interference.

* Take part in conquering the planet

What's war without conquering? In Age of Warscape, you can take command of your own squadron, filled with either hired NPCs or even other players, and take control over segments of land throughout the vast world of Uloff. Build fortresses, defenses, and armies on your conquered land, and even dedicate your conquered land to your faction or even guild. Always stay on alert, as your land can always be invaded and taken over by other players. Build up your defenses and armies and fight for your faction!

* Become the hero or the villain of your story

Making choices throughout your story will determine your alignment. You can be merciful and selfless and build your way to a lighter, peaceful path, or be hostile, aggressive, homicidal, and selfish and fall to a darker, sinister path.

* Completely Free-to-Play

Age of Warscape is free-to-play for all members with just a few restrictions and full access to the main story and all eight playable races. You can also upgrade your account with a Subscription License for unrestricted gameplay and extra, exclusive features.


Read about the game's story here • Read about the game itself here

Will you be the champion that will lead your faction to victory? WILL YOU BE THE ONE TO SAVE ULOFF?

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Origins has moved!


Hello everyone!

This is just a small reminder that downloads for any (and all) Age of Warscape: Origins stories have been moved to a new location. You can now download AoWS:O stories at Ageofwarscape.com

As such, all downloads here have been removed. However, Origins is still available to download at the link above. All future releases will also be pushed to the new location.


Support Age of Warscape on Patreon!

Support Age of Warscape on Patreon!


Support the Age of Warscape developers on Patreon and receive rewards!

Calling all game reviewers!

Calling all game reviewers!


Review indie games, or just games in general? We may have something for your next article!

AoWS: Origins - Arbitus OUT NOW!

AoWS: Origins - Arbitus OUT NOW!


A new story in the Age of Warscape: Origins series has been released and is available for download!

AoWS Teaser - The Warlord

AoWS Teaser - The Warlord


Watch the first teaser for Age of Warscape, featuring the fierce Warlord Bjorin and his mighty rage

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