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The world has ended as we know it. No power, no running water, no supermarkets, and the worse part is, no internet.

This is AfterEffect.

AfterEffect is a Single and Multiplayer real time, action, pick your own adventure set in a post apocalyptic world. The game world its self is 2D isometric with procedurally generation which will provide plenty of new and inviting play each time.

AfterEffect is being developed on a web platform that will allow for online/offline play as well as being able to take the game on the go with mobile devices and play on your phone or tablet the same game you play on your PC.

With AfterEffect you pick your story. Whether you want to start after a nuclear disaster, some biological disease that thinned everyone out, some bloody war has ravished the landscape and now all that is left are ruins, or maybe some kind of zombie apocalypse has struck and now its up to you. With every change of the story changes the game play.

We are a fairly small team and any help you want to offer would be much appreciated. We are in need of asset, developers and software to make this concept more of a reality. I am aware not everyone can help but if you can't, we would love it if you could pass along our game and share it. We are currently raising some funds for the game and any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Fund Raiser

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Releasing Plugins


So life has been cray. Doesnt mean this project is dead, just delayed some.

In the mean time I have decided to release some of the code I have worked tirelessly on as plugins. They are free to develop with and to use them in a public, or commercial product most are about 5 bucks. As I said though, you may download them from github and use them throughout all of your development cycle for free, with no limitation. Try it out, see if you like them at all and then if you want to use it in your game or what ever you make, just slip me some burger money.

There is another way by going the Patreon route which you can help support the plugin effort, and even drive the development by your donations.

Available Plugins:

Plugin System for Phaser.io
This project is setup to help kickstart building Phaser.io plugins.Locale Manager for Phaser.io

Registry Manager for Phaser.io
A simple tool to help save game information in a cleaner format, instead of the game object, that can be accessed anywhere in the game. Also supports saving the data to the localstorage, cookies, or to a RESTful API.

Locale Manager for Phaser.io
A simple tool to help manage various Locale data.

Selection Manager for Phaser.io
Phaser.io unit selection using html/css/js. To be updated.

Tilemap Generator for Phaser.io
A really simple implementation of a perlin noise generator which allows nearly any generator to be used. Perlin Noise library came from Rye Terrell.

Plugins on the way:

Battle Manager
for Phaser.io
Turnbase, or Realtime battle system that handles the flow of combat.

Dialog Manager for Phaser.io
Dialog system that pulls scripts of dialog based on scripts.

Entity Manager for Phaser.io
Handles various styles of games: Platformer, Topdown, etc, and various types of entities PC, NPC, Vehicles, etc and provides reusable interactions: directional movement, jumping, attacking, etc.

Inventory Manager for Phaser.io
Complete inventory system that manages multiple inventories.Projectile Weapons for Phaser.io
Various types of projectile weapons.

Notification Manager for Phaser.io
HTML/CSS notification system.

Save Manager for Phaser.io
Handles saving/loading/deleting game states with using the Registry plugin.

Sprite Generator for Phaser.io
Generate sprites via a back end, as well as saving them via the Registry Plugin via Base64 and cache.




After much searching and working with a few people we finally have nailed down two designers who are producing fantastic work for AE.

Designers, Designers, Designers...

Designers, Designers, Designers...


Holidays and such saw me taking a break from AfterEffect work but not my devotion to this project.

Combat system

Combat system


So originally I wanted a real-time system for the game but I am letting the make the choice.

Game Changer

Game Changer


As you might have noticed if you followed the project previously, all of the old content and articles have been removed. This is because the game has...


This feels like it has a lot of potential, following! Good luck with the project.

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Reminds me of Project Zomboid :)

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phreak-nation Creator

Project Zomboid is a great game and the gist of the games are similar. With that said Quake and half-life are just as similar. I have not actually played Project Zomboid yet, although I plan to get it, but one big thing that differs is that this game is not zombie centric.

The thing about this game is that it is a pick your own adventure game so when you start the game you can set it for random or go through a short, or long questionnaire that will affect the overall game.

The great thing is that just because you answer the same questions the same way does not mean you will get the same game. We will be adding a bit of soft randomization to the game generation and deployment so that even if you find a possible best case scenario one go around that it may not yield the same results. One game you may start with a dog, equipment, and a place already while with the same pick you may start out in middle of the woods, very little items, and all alone far away from anything.

Think of the initial game questions if you pick them, a chance to effect how your game starts and continues. You may also let the game randomly decide for you for a quick startup.

Also, another aspect is that there will be cataclysmic causes that affect the world overall. Which could affect the hostility of people in the game to how barren the landscape has become in the game world.

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I Liked it, continue with the project :D

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