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An episodic platform adventure game in which Gappu is looking forward for a promotion but finds out his Boss is kidnapped by Ninjas. He must save him now to get his promotion news; but the objectives of Ninjas seem very sinister. This is my first indie platform game, It will be an episodic adventure of an unlikely hero "Gappu". As you can guess from quality it was just a complete one man job and thus the flaws etc. But I intend to improve it in each upcoming episode and add newer features on top of basic engine. as well as better animations. Being an episodic game it is pretty small. But that is also essential design strat to keep the story interesting rather than monotonous jumps and gameplay. This game has been developed in 3 weeks. But took a lot of my personal time, especially the soundtrack of each level.. which has been handpicked to give a variety of fun. Enjoy! do finish it to see a little glimpse of whats coming in Episode 2.

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Other than the previously announced changes from beta testing there are also following addition:

  • A "Highscore" menu item, so u can see score board any time.
  • ESC key now doesnt immediately quits the game, but gives you proper warning and way to return to menu.
  • Many beta testers thought that the main menu was not too clear about when to start moving, so now an animated key presses are shown for indication
  • Jump can now be by UP Arrow as well as SPACE key, so u can use whatever style u like (two handed or one handed)
  • Lastly and most importantly XInput is now supported. What this means is that if you have an X360 controller than go ahead and use it and game will work right out of the box at same time with keyboard and gamepad anytime with no need of configuration to switch keys. use left thumbstick to move and Green "A" key (or equivalent key on ur non-x360 controller) to jump. Plus Start button on controllers work as ESC key to pause or quit to main menu.
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This doesnt mean that release is 100% bug free. There is still no wall jumping animation.. and not very well implemented too.. (its actually a bug). and sometimes the hero does get stuck in between walls.. but i have learnt my lesson with this episode. But considering this is a small game, so u can probably end it without much game breaking. And don't worry these will be fixed in next episode. For now enjoy this episode. Do post comments of how you like it.

Game to be released tomorrow

Game to be released tomorrow


First episode to be release tomorrow. Beta testing is complete.

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Gappu Ep1 - Ninjas took away my boss

Gappu Ep1 - Ninjas took away my boss

Full Version

First official release of Gappu's adventure Episode 1. Ninjas have kidnapped your boss. Now to ensure your promotion you must save him.

x246h00--r5 - - 191 comments


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masternerdguy - - 528 comments

you should port it to c++ or java so people can play on linux.

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figalot - - 795 comments

Fucken epic story line!

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