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The original Adventures of a Dragon came out 16 years ago as a revolutionary story RPG. It had hundreds of fans, many spinoffs, and was loved by its reviewers. This new, updated version brings more content, fixes any bugs, and gives better graphics. This gives a fresh look and new experience to the game, but still keeps the concept that had such a great reception in the community. Now fans both old and new can enjoy the game, giving new players an opportunity to play they otherwise wouldn't have had, and bringing back the nostalgia of the original for those who played it.

Adventures of a Dragon tells a story about tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth. Fun and playful humor guides the player through an amazing tale, which brings the main character to make discoveries about their sexuality, personality, and the concept of redemption. They must make choices that impact the ending of the game, some of which lead to one ending, which allows the player to become immersed in the world of the game. The distinctive personality of the main character lets the player empathize with their struggles, both physical and emotional. This makes the game much more immersive, and helps the player to better understand their character.

T is a dragon, one who passionately hates humans. He wants nothing more than the destruction of every human, and with good reason. All of the other dragons are gone, dead at the hands of humankind. T is the last dragon, and his entire species will be extinct when he is gone. An angry, swearing alcoholic, he cares for no one but himself.

He accidentally gets involved in something much bigger than himself or his problems, something that could mean the destruction of the entire world. Suddenly, T is the only thing preventing the extinction of the human race. He is faced with a choice that should be easy, to avenge the murder of his race or to save humanity. The choice is not as easy as he thought it would be….

  • Name your dragon and choose their gender
  • Over 10 playable side characters, who you can freely change between during the combat
  • Crafting with numerous items to create weapons and armors
  • Multiple endings
  • Lengthy main storyline, with numerous side quests to try
  • Multiple romantic options for your character with their own storylines
  • Original characters with colorful personalities, each with a backstory of their own
  • Main character can speak and make decisions, they have their own personality and characterization.
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Version 0.05



  • Lightning Bolt now has a cooldown


  • You could walk on cupboards in the house at Little Fire, this has been fixed
  • You could walk on top of baskets, this has been fixed
  • Interacting with the sign at Little Fire caused the sign to change graphics, this has been fixed


  • Corrected some grammar when meeting Dad first time
  • Dad called you a male regardless of gender when talking about you to Sanefang, this has been fixed


  • Added bust graphics in the Jessica's castle cutscene
  • Removed light source that caused graphic distortion from elder's home
  • Fixed shopkeeper opening a box in the start cutscene to have a propper graphics.
  • Death has new graphics


  • Made the Jab Attack's animations display on whole screen instead of invidual targets to improve FPS


  • Added 64-bit support
  • Added Mac support
Version 0.04

Version 0.04


Numerous tweaks and fixes, some optimizations and new graphics

Version 0.03

Version 0.03


Numerous fixes and changes to things, more words for fill

Character information

Character information


Of the many characters in the game, each with their own personality, here are some summaries of the most important characters to the player.

Adventures of Dragon on Kickstarter

Adventures of Dragon on Kickstarter


We have made a Kickstarter to help raise funds to pay off artists and volunteers to help make this game become as good as possible.

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