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Action Alien Survival has been released on Steam and is now available !

Fight in a petrol station surrounded by the desert that can be entirely destroyed with machine guns, explosives, or by the aliens coming in waves from all sides !

The game is set in a 100% destructible petrol station with a lot of weapons near it, you'll have to defend yourself from many hordes of filthy aliens.

Dispersed at various spots inside the station, weapons ranging from the revolver, shotgun, tommy gun, grenade launcher, etc... will be appearing each time you defeat an alien wave, along ammo boxes, grenades and medkits.

Aliens are coming as different species and they will run at you, walk loudly, spit acid and come from different places to get you.

To give a bit more of replayability, the game can be played in daylight and at night.

The game has 10 achievements to unlock, with support for Xbox-like gamepads along Ultra HD resolution (4K).

Changes in the gameplay of Action Alien: Prelude are

  • Destructible buildings.
  • Brighter graphics.
  • Ability to crouch.
  • Wave-based gameplay.
  • No more crates with unlimited ammunition but ammo boxes, medkits and grenades to find after each alien wave.
  • Weapons are more powerful, accurate and are faster to reload.
  • Grenades are faster to throw.
  • Head view movements.
  • Intro and ending cinematics.
  • and some more...


Action Alien: Prelude coming soon !

Action Alien: Prelude coming soon !

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Fight waves of aliens in a completely destructible petrol station with many weapons to grab and species of aliens to fight in this game based on the initial...

udkultimate - - 233 comments

Hello my friend. Congratulations, your game looks amazing, I will for sure try it! I am also a UDK developer (@udkultimate), and I want to invite you to take a look at my new upcoming game, made in UDK (a modified version which exports the game for PC, PS3 and Xbox360):


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LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Thanks for a giveaway!

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kis1992 - - 32 comments

You can get the key for testing your game? on my YouTube channel
here is my channel Youtube.com

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