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AssaultCube Reloaded is a free-and-open-source first-person-shooter aimed at improving its predecessor, AssaultCube. This game combines the best of all worlds. Realism from Battlefield, anti-cheat from the Quake engine, perks from Call of Duty, and fast-paced gameplay with a low system footprint from AssaultCube.

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Ok so my thoughts on Assault cube reloaded

-really fun

-rocket launcher needs a proper splash damage and sound
-More rifle, smg's, pistols, shotguns
-Sound cuts off when playing or when shooting and explosions happens
-no quick melee nor quick throw grenade instead of swapping/ cycling
-through the arsenal if you want that cod feel
-missing and some non correspondent models apparently like the 1911
-having the same pistol as usp, ak 47 using a different hand and
-missing models

-Universal key binds
-voice chat
-Weapon attachments

if you want personal play testing hit me up will try my best to deliver feedback and making sure its a potential game and if you'd like a trailer for the sake of promotion will do it as well otherwise keep up the great work!


My Favorite Open-Source Game.

As many people have I played and loved the original but this has more potential as there is so much more, I still find the odd glitch and Kill Streaks need some improving but the plays really well which to me overwhelms the "Crappy" Graphics!

If you loved the original you will love this!

8/10 Need minor improvement.


awesome i loved the original


awesome. improves on the original in every way, but you may still want to keep that old one... differences in gameplay matter here.

will become one of my mains!


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