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Accel Chroma is a futuristic racing game inspired by games like WipEout and Audiosurf. The player must traverse the track as fast as possible, taking advantage of a colour-based boost system. This system uses coloured lanes on the track - when the vehicle is set to the colour of the lane it is travelling along, the boost charges, similar to mechanics seen in Ikaruga.

This game is being developed as an open source project, where maps, modes and additional assets can be added onto the basic game (which has one track, one car and one mode - Time Trial). As more content is created. it will be added here.

Accel Chroma part of a student-run event at Bolton University, where students from all three years team up to make a game in a week. Work commenced at 0900 on the 6th of June, with the game set to release at 1700 on the 12th.

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Hi! I think I should introduce the project a little more in this post. We're a bunch of
students (35 of us) from the University of Bolton. We aimed to create the framework of a game in a week just after our exams and modules and we have achieved that. The video linked below is the footage of the build at the end of the week and we're all pretty proud of it. The colour mechanic is missing due to some issues on the final day but we’re adding it in as I type this.

What’s next for Accel Chroma?

Currently we’re setting out a plan to expand, bug test and improve the game over the next six weeks. We will be fully releasing the game around the end of July and it should include at least four tracks,
improved camera controls, more vehicles and be thoroughly bug tested!

Here are our latest videos!

Thanks for reading
- Bolton Dev Studio

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