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A Purrtato Tail is a Puzzle Metroidvania about Potato Cats on the Isle of Moar. Featuring a watercolor 2D story-driven adventure with character-connecting gameplay, RPG elements and 15+ hours of feline-themed tater adventure. Step into the paws of Pixel - Queen of the Purrtatoes - as she jumps, walks and talks to interact with the world and its vege-feline denizens. Her fellow Purrtatoes help out by joining her party and linking together to form bridges over ravines, ramps to high ledges and more. Each Purrtato even has a unique ability that can be used to perform tasks such as operate levers and cut ropes. Queen Pixel will take on adventure, using her Purrtatoes to navigate the treacherous world outside the safety of her castle home. Something new to the Isle of Moar has broken into her castle and kidnapped her most trusted and secretive adviser - The Elderstar. Why would they take him? What do they want with him? And who are they?

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