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Shyria has spent her whole life in a family that didn't love her, living a life full of abuse. At the age of 16 she gives birth to a child - Chyla. With her daughter, she finally has something in her life to give her joy. As her father kills the baby, something in her heart breaks and the last bit of light fades away, being replaced by pure darkness. She leaves her home and searches for a place to bury her child. As she looks up from the grave, she finds herself in the small garden of an abandoned house. In that moment she realises that she has a goal in life and uses the house to develop the greatest things in her life, and to take bitter revenge. The prequel of a questline of an MMO in progress :)

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This game left me on my edge of my seat. Good game! Not many games do this to me!


NutcaseReborn says

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Eh, I don't like being negative; but this game was honestly incredibly lack luster. It had a very good concept, but it was executed poorly. The writing was sub par with many, many spelling and grammar errors present; something that should be looked at with considerably more care given this is a visual novel.

The background music often did not fit the mood of the current situation, and the term "insane" was overused a great many times.

And, then, add in a lack of real closure; even for a cliff hanger; was pretty disappointing.

Now, on to my other major complaint, it seems like there was very little research in to magic and witchcraft itself before the story was written. So, as a result, it could be potentially offensive to those of Wicca or other Pagan faiths that use Witchcraft. And, the author also seemed to show no real knowledge of the severe toll giving birth would have on the body and how so much trauma would most likely miscarry.

Overall, this Visual Novel could be so much more and has the potential to be a much better than it is. All it needs, is some revision and research.

This visual novel could, actually


I LOVE games what have plot. I read a lot of texts and survived :) When I was reading story I felt sad and scary atmosphere.

It was great 10/10


NotGoodAtLying says

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Fantastic! :D


I've just completed a first walkthrought of the game.
I like it! So my impressions:
Longevity: not so high but good, texts are very long and well-written, the story could change considerably depending of some choices.
Gameplay: tipical of a visual novel, so good, and well designed "HUD"
Graphic: the images are perfect, the menu buttons little less.
Functionality: the game works perfectly, no bugs and the soft has a very small weight (so it's very fast... maybe tooo fastttttt)
Story: very original, maybe some passages could be further detailed (like some aspects of the parents) but in general the plot is strong, pleasant to read, exciting and exhaustive.

Great work Yldrania.



Good game, very interesting


Why? Because it is a good game,and VERY beautiful.


RussianBadAss says

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