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Explore multiple open-worlds

Brave the lands of Umbria, a small continent filled with many different races and creatures. From Villastair, your group of three heros can venture into seven provinces. Each province provides a rich open-world experience with many opportunities to explore, though danger lurks around every corner. Villastair will always serve as a safe spot where the group does not have to worry about the threats.

The History of Umbria

For centuries all the provinces of Umbria had been at peace, but as time went by, the races became blinded by ambitions and gained the thirst for conquest. A terrible plague swept through the human province of Ingaxa, forcing them to burn the settlements to the ground and flee to other provinces. The other provinces found their presence detestable, and exiled them to a small section of the continent: Villastair.

Umbria was invaded by Seven Demon Princes who took control of the seven largest provinces leaving Villastair left to fend for itself. This small province could not raise an army so it came to rely on brave heroes who dared to venture out into the dangerous provinces, slowly stopping the spread of corruption.

For decades, the people of Villastair have longed to see the seven provinces restored to glory after having been ripped away by the Seven Demon Princes. Now, a band of brave men and women called the King’s Aegis seek to destroy the Princes at all cost, even with their own lives.


  • Villastair: Before the arrival of the Demon Princes, Villistair’s central location made it an ideal trade hud and ideal spot for negotiations between provinces. Home to the first surviving group of humans from Ignaxa. An extremely small province with only one city known as Greyhaven, the capital. When the Demon Princes arrived, they ignored Villastair due to its small size and low amount of inhabitants.
  • Invidious: Invidious is known for its large swamps and its dense fog, a favorable condition to the varied goblins tribes that call it home. This province was once ruled by a collection of major tribes, but have now fallen prey to the temptations of the Demon Prince of Envy. He has unified all the goblin tribes, but the covetousness boiling inside each goblin causes them to fight, steal, and kill each other for their own selfish gains.
  • Tenaram: Home to the ogres and other monstrosities. Tenaram is well known for its lush fields of fruit and vegetable and its abundance of wild animals. The ogres exercise free will and typically isolate themselves from the other provinces due to the other’s perception of their appearance. However, after the arrival of the Demon Prince of Gluttony, the inhabitants of Tenaram have grown an insatiable appetite for flesh and have gone wild in their desire to feast.
  • Ignaxa: Once a beautiful land, birthplace of the humans, a treasure of all the provinces. But now the halcyon land is in ruin, infertile The land was burned to stop a plague that nearly destroyed the human race from spreading. The descendants of the Ignaxavians have now settled in a small province known as Villastair as they try to rebuild their once great civilization. Ignava served as a mass grave site, but that all changed when the Demon Prince of Sloth claimed hold of Ignava and reanimated all of the dead
  • Lubidonos: A vast desert with spots of rich oasis, completely void of all life, as the desert heat and freezing nights made almost all life impossible. However, after the relocation of the humans to Villastair, the humans wanted to expand out and the only place available was Lubidonos. The settlement actually became a huge success due to it’s remoteness and lawlessness. It attracted beings from all of Umbria, since Lubidonos became the central hub for vices. This was the idea spot for the Demon Prince of Lust as the minds of the inhabitants were easily swayed by its beauty.
  • Odium: Home of the orc clans. Once ruled by the Clan of Od for generations. This humid and damp forest is now corrupted by the Demon Prince of Wrath. The corruption of the orcs have led to an extreme bloodlust for anything and everything. They now have an uncontrollable urge to kill anything that moves and fight to the death.
  • Avarinton: Home of the dwarven kingdom. Once ruled by the House of Avarin. The dwarves are skilled builders and skilled merchants. The dwarves have always had strong taste for gold. It was all too easy when the Demon Prince of Greed came with the promise of gold and riches. Now the dwarves have become mindless gold mongers who will do anything for smallest amount of precious metals and stones.
  • Animus: Once ruled by an elven council elected by nobility. The elves are extremely prideful even before the arrival of the Demon Prince. The elves always thought themselves to be the superior race and looked down on all others, always taunting their advances in culture and engineering. It was too simple for the Demon Prince of Pride to corrupt these minds. The elves’ view of extreme superiority have led them to isolation and forced them into producing a army to enslave all other races.

Unique buildings and benefits

In the province of Villastair lies the capital Greyhaven. Greyhaven will act as base of operations as you set out to the seven different provinces on your quest to defeat the seven princes. Within Greyhaven lay several unique buildings which you can use for trade, crafting, lore, or other actions. These buildings can also be upgraded with materials you have gained on your adventures. These upgrades change the appearance of the buildings as well adding more options and benefits to the player.

Unique Buildings

  • Blacksmith: This structure allows the team to forge powerful weapons and armor and smelt metal ore into usable ingots. An important place for the team to gain a higher advantage in combat.
  • Alchemy Lab: This structure allows the team to craft powerful tonics and player enhancements. An important place for the team to gain more support benefits in combat.
  • Farm: This structure allows the team to grow and harvest materials that they can use for other crafts. Food can also be grown, which can be used to heal outside of combat.
  • Inn: This structure holds all the adventurers willing to embark on Villastair’s quest to destroy the Demon Princes and release their hold on Umbria. Come here to hire fresh bodies to fight for you.
  • Lumbermill: This structure produces lumber for the team, which is mainly needed to upgrade all the different buildings in Villastair.
  • Market: This structure buys and sells goods from all over Umbria. This is a good place to sell treasures from your adventures as well as buying rare trinkets from the far corners of Umbria.
  • Hospital: This structure helps cure and heal the team. It also provides a place to craft first aid items that can used on your journey.
  • Refugee Camp: This structure houses the refugees from all the provinces being controlled by the Demon Princes. Only the few who have escaped temptation were able to make it to Villastair safely. The refugees here can offer quests as well as themselves to help you fight.

Fill your ranks

There are nine separate heroes you can hire at the Inn along with unique heroes that you find along your journey

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More progress this week as we have finished a lot of new things! Some of the items we finished up are as follows:

  • New GUI
  • Ability to perform a counter attack (based on your agility/dexterity and target’s agility/dexterity)
  • Leveling up system has been implimented
  • seemless switching characters
  • Building upgrading
  • Constant improvements in all of the maps

We have also decided to release 7 Hells: Repentance on Linux and Mac

Thanks for all the support!


New video coming tomorrow!

New video coming tomorrow!


We have been working very hard to keep progress rolling on this game!


Looks simply gorgeous. I'd play this aggressively and passionately. The way it appears to be set up is like candy for me. have my support!!!! :D

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ShadowsunGaming Creator

Thanks! :)

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