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Hello everybody we present you our little Car Simulation[on that note most of the people probably left :D] Software - Drive Megalopolis 3D.
This software is a sandbox dedicated to assist you with driving, to tell you what you are doing wrong, e.t.c. You can drive front, rear and 4x4 cars, buses, and few trucks. You can pick up passengers like you did in many bus simulators. There are trams, trolleybuses in city as well. There are also train and railroad intersection in country region. This software is intended for Russian/European driving system.
We have also added mountain map.
Minimum system requirements at present is win7 dx11 capable gpu(gt730)

Download weights ~2GB
There are full manual transmission simulations, stalls, drifting and some very interesting physics feautures you won't find in any other simulators.
You can also change you weather to snow or rain/fog to adjust sliding of your car on slippery road.
You can drive at night with dangerous conditions.
You can drown in the lake :)
You can run over people with your car or bus and hear funny screams, also if you closed your bus doors too early you will hear screams of someone getting squished by doors.
There are 2 big cities available with various semaphores and highway intersections.
I'm still working on this project little by little so many things will get fixed, some new things will be introduced.
If you want to edit the city or add new cars pm me i will tell you how to do so.
Most of cars in here are community driven or bought from turbosquid. You pay only for sandbox, the cities, cars and many other delicious things come for free.
If you have logitech G25 or G27 pm me i can help you enable it in game.[In few updates that feature will be moved to menu].
At present there are 12 main cars with interiors[where everything works and turns], and much more additional without interior.
There are 3 camera modes - inside the car(you can look around in the car, or move to back and let ai drive you), following the car, and free mode where you fly camera around the map. There is also an ability to focus on the car that will help add some cinematic moments.
Network support and Oculus Rift DK2/Deepoon VR are planned.
Soon there also be deers on the road, randomly jumping on it.
I might also added few items you can smash with your car. Originally this sandbox was intended to help people with their driving not gaming, but i'm slowly turning into a game.
3 monitor setup are also available.
There are English and Russian language available.


You can steer with mouse by pressing M and then right mouse button
You can change the camera position with WSAD
You can change the view by pressing C or focus on the car with left mouse button
You can the fly your car if you stuck with YGHUJ
You can hide instructor by pressing CAPS lock
You can look around the car with numpad 456 and with hitting left mouse button
You can turn the car off with N
Engine is P
Clutch is numpad0
Blinkers is ][
Wipers is TAB
Bus door will open with 4
Interior lighting can be switched with X
Locking camera to steering can be changed with Z
Shifting gears is shift and ctrl or 1230R
Soon there will be tool here to change all that
Numpad8 will enable fog
Numpad9 will enable rain
Numpad7/*-+PGUPPGDN will break something in your car
You can refuel at petrol station by coming closer to it and pressing N
Your fuel is FINITE, so don't forget to refuel every-now and then

If you get paypal errors on payment or want to contribute you can try donating me on patreon

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Drive Megapolis RC3 update


New exercise - learning more about cars, updated sounds, new German and English audio, more translations, new engine sounds...

    • Full german translation(audio errors, text errors + menu elements)

    • Full english traslation(new audio errors)

    • Car tutorial with slides(learning more about car interior and controls) is now avaliable for English language and many keyboard issues have been fixed that were preventing passing of that exercise

  • Pause menu has been added with ability to change key binding in runtime
  • many shader errors has been fixed
  • New car engine sounds has been added
  • Oculus Rift DK2 mono support for sdk 0.6 has been added
  • Input bindings has been improved
  • Direct3D10 render has been added for old systems
  • HDAO/DoF/Motionblur effects has been imroved
  • New float32 bit audio has been added
  • New 3D HRTF audio support has been added
  • more info here

full changelog:

3:24 PM 10/2/2016
Cache all people upon map loading to prevent stalls upon their loading
output variable for new sampling and make it checkbox to compare quality
we need to update 3d sounds
3d sound is completly broken
MAZ no 3d sound detected
remove uneeded stuff
fully remove OLD2D sound implementation and replace with new one
duplicate id problem
engine rev on start fix
other 2d sounds is not looping
TUTORIAL exercise require level 2 wipers
wipers_int problem
we don't have washer

9:47 PM 9/27/2016
catmul rom test added

10:15 AM 9/18/2016
try new car sounds

10:23 AM 9/17/2016
added new Car.Ex.Nfo params to tweaking sound engine lerping
start implementing new sound system which should blend 2 sounds together in differencess
we have 3 samples, we need to find min max, and from those we need to select correct one and select it's RPM
we should add little gui, where we must add start bledning & end blending for rpm zones to prevene viu bug we have now, also we must specify the lenght or lerp zone
cross_fader implementation for sounds, we need to mark the zone we need one sound to start fading and another to start gainig volume, we need GUI to edit that stuff to make it better

8:48 AM 9/16/2016
finish upp_english from aleks
started implementation of new sound model
include steam_lang.lua[steam will set that file depdning on lang]
fixed grass
added missing g_ShadowDir to grass3
polygyon fixed wrong mapID
PATCH GRASS shader by adding that long forgotten line[line is there, there is a chance we don't send depth there]

12:33 PM 9/11/2016
OBJECTS/Props/trashbin was broken
added interior limits for buses and right-handed cars
A+autodrom meshes also fixed
moved key/joy into separate classes, cleared the code
infinite road - black objects!
pause mode added
lavka model is too big
some raycast to improve following camera
add pause menu where you can view controls
For grass only keep enable/disable
new grass render, old one discarded

4:25 PM 9/9/2016
mountain road is broken
fixed version with no water
fixed version without water

10:48 AM 9/6/2016
added multi-audio english voice patched+audio switchers rus/eng
FIXED trickyupdate bug preventing from pressing T and other keys
enable people walking[we can forbid them walking on a damn bridge for now]
problem where there is no sound on first error
menu was missing UseCarPhysicsForAI
make menu hardware dx10
dx10 causes dead shader in cache!
fixed broken conus tex
renamed RGL jRot buttons to match
UseButton concept for joystick added
menu fix problem of non writing old car physics
freeride add to menu
add to menu dx10 option(force_dx10=true)
menu add borderless window
add experimental OclRift to menu
add gear changer by button
add clutch as button
add drive/brake as button
in-game controls for multiple devices
if we have HW something use it
if we don't check if we have joystick for it
if we don't check keyboard or ignore it
still need joy button for clutch

10:18 AM 8/28/2016
There might be need to limit interior camera)) at least to -2 + 2 for public_mode
need better mouse handling

11:47 AM 8/25/2016
convert mgpls to new format system
fixed bug, dead hash for billboard
bug tram or train still uses old havok engine, needs to be removed
tram in ground bug fixed
tram free from hk
one of billboards is pitch black!
train also freed
train now flys too faraway and doesn't change it's way back, need a test for ground for him
mostly driving now, might have few flops here and there
that is the reason why our train is lagging on start
TRSL annoyances removed
black billboards problem

10:36 AM 7/4/2016
need new screenshots[for many cars, take inside screenshot with grass, traffic, e.t.c., and outside screensshot][every 4 cars randomize weather day, night e.t.c.]
landscape bug cars are stuck!
multiple objects falling dureing sleep bug

10:32 AM 7/1/2016
patch menu so it can route to those maps

12:16 PM 6/30/2016
added new autodromm map add it
add new polygon map add it

5:58 PM 6/17/2016
freezing car bugs!

10:35 PM 6/12/2016
dx10 mode is needed again, i suggest we need different renders with feauture support
can be implemented as define around the shader[dynamic lighting must be blocker and UAV disabled]
in public mode amount of cars is ignored!

7:31 PM 6/8/2016
few cars tuned
intercollsion bug fixed
navigator off mode added

11:26 AM 6/2/2016
WIPERS bug[10fps - not cleaning!]
WE HAVE A BUG, when dynamic stuff is disabled our stuff that must be static still becomes dynamic, by disabling this we can also gain some speed for npptrener version
wheel anim get stucked, limit anim to 0.99 to prevent that problem

2:37 PM 5/23/2016
map/car indexes become invalid in some cases
night->darknight bug
bugfix for thread loader, replacement failed at some points
new cache system
disabled caching for animation - fixed lots of stuff
night bug #1 - everything is too watery, something is enabling it
let's make infinite road override to use real traffic as a bugfix
add keybindings for camera
add keybindings for keyboard-gear switching
(night bug #2 - everything is too bright!
all night bugs has been caused by debug/release problem in render

5:57 PM 5/17/2016
force_no_cache workaround added[fixes the door]
MenuCarColorID idea about the value added
colored menu selection added
fix colors in menu problem
patch internal color tables to work with new color selection menu

4:14 PM 5/13/2016
VALDAY ground problem fixed

2:56 PM 5/11/2016
When I change the screen resolution after I play and returns to the main menu, the screen resolution settings becomes not one that I have put - fixed
we need to add total block of desctuctable entitys for npp-trener

12:18 PM 5/10/2016
error eEventMinSpeed20 added
add warning and info about limit on contravary!
add blue sign to contr_avto zmeika + add limit zone 20+error voice+text

7:14 PM 5/8/2016
updated render code
fixed little slowdown on stats

11:36 AM 5/7/2016
no error on colliding with new fake car model+registered nwcasimple with collision system
caps lock removed
manual gear switch added
moved controls to 678

1:04 PM 5/6/2016
add speed limit warning on contraavar
new RENDER optimization, let's try quicksort function instead of our massive classes to batch objects together, if it will take more time then we will keep our old one

10:14 AM 5/4/2016
make all the other dynamic stuff static as well
disable dynamic lighting for npp unless the night is on
fixed logitech problems that are connected to logitech manual transmission and reverse transmission

12:17 AM 5/3/2016
gear bugfixes

9:43 AM 4/30/2016
wipers were not dependant on FRI - fixed
no lang for npp
no darknight for npp
main menu removed
CapsLock doesn't lock all the camera modes!
no graphics for npp fix

12:04 PM 4/26/2016
intersection street 6 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR fixed

9:47 AM 4/24/2016
focus no engine sound problem

10:30 AM 4/18/2016
forget one autodromme map
added exec+help into menu for npptrener
big problem with cars fixed
SubED main problem no mesh segmentation error + sub error[need to add simple flag somewhere!]
OpenAL soft integrated
valday back bad color

1:35 PM 4/15/2016
still need to fix car heights for fast traffic[aleks]
On the road, do not work "speed bumps"
add to citygen roads our props!

12:48 PM 4/14/2016
all key mappings should also load from file, that way we can easily translate them!
add ability to reset the key!
add ability to clear key
menu requires wheel friction[instead of our default 0.8][we need to supply base value]
add nice crash sounds for wood for metal e.t.c.
keyboard configurator + logitech configurator will be needed, we must bring back our old ones
fix citygen map so wecan showcase it
citygen crashes, also the props we create such as trashbin mush be now created with other function for correctness, also klo must be removed it's buggy

1:46 PM 4/13/2016
new keyboard setting also need to load and sample
logitech based sampling
How About we use ImGUI for errors, that way we will use less of other gui, for now we can add imgui code there for faster convertion, LATER WE WOULD REMOVE MYGUI COMPLETLY!]

12:51 PM 4/12/2016
rus translation
a_autodrom mush move buses and big trucks into new map!
patch gibdd_b + gibdd_kmz to similar style!
remove extension for correct map finding in menu
checkbox validation
new options that were dead before
timeofday and weather must use direct fields and not translated ones!
revert loading of timeofday and weather needed

9:35 AM 4/11/2016
joystick small bugfix in runtime recreation
do mgpls exiting saving info + display info+
insert info to db
save exercise name and then save it into db
last errors saving into db
npptrainer bool mode!
exams small selection bugfix
correct time in examentations patched
Russian car names patched
Russian maps translated

9:45 AM 4/10/2016
do mgpls logitech calibration + saving

11:39 AM 4/9/2016
added joystick enumeration+joy selection

11:39 AM 4/7/2016
added keyboard config & joyconfig to menu

db query added
patched db selection+gui selection
patched users, group add/edit/delete controls
exam mode with selecting user

9:24 AM 3/31/2016
added AddSliderFloat
add wheel friction param to menu
patch wheel friction in physics

10:34 AM 3/30/2016
started work on menu
removed unnecesary static drifiting
added db

1:32 PM 3/28/2016
patched wrong buses[lane1] height in simple cars physics

More destruction and updated graphics in Drive Megapolis - march updates

More destruction and updated graphics in Drive Megapolis - march updates


Graphics improvement, bugfixes, internet radio and many new updates for Drive Megapolis here.

Greenlight first week and destruction physics

Greenlight first week and destruction physics


First week on greenlight, destruction physics, rigid body physics, new infinite road generator with improvements...

Greenlight! and more updates [2/25/2016]

Greenlight! and more updates [2/25/2016]


Greenlight, new signs, gps updates and infinite road generation.

Drive mgpls Update[1/28/2016->2/5/2016]

Drive mgpls Update[1/28/2016->2/5/2016]


New flickering green light in the city, car updates for rain mode.

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Drive Megapolis april demo with logitech support

Drive Megapolis april demo with logitech support


This is a demo of Drive Megapolis from april. Aside from Logitech support it also has Czech translation, keyboard mapper, experimental infinite road generator...

Drive Megapolis Voronoi destruction+rigid bodies

Drive Megapolis Voronoi destruction+rigid bodies


This demo features Voronoi destruction, rigid bodies, improved graphics, and many other update things :) please read the controls and how to start the...

Drive Megapolis Demo Feb

Drive Megapolis Demo Feb


troubleshoot, instruction, controls and full version are here s5zone.itch.io/3d-city-drive-simualtor-drive-megapolis


This game was actually a lot of fun :D

I did a let's play of me causing general chaos for anyone curious:

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