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Survival horror, with a first-person view, with an intricate plot. In the game there are scenes of violence, psychedelics. The main character watches TV, suddenly the transfer is interrupted, in a live broadcast show an incomprehensible video, after the main character goes to bed, and wakes up in an abandoned place. But, as it turns out later, he is not the only one who got into this eerie place. With people in this place, changes begin to occur at the level of DNA.

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Game from the first person, with a large non-linear storyline, with detective evasion. Psychologically heavy shots, the main character Caleb Reedus after the working day looks through the evening news, suddenly the news is interrupted and a strange video is being broadcast, especially not having given value to this video, Caleb goes to bed and wakes up no longer at home! Caleb wakes up in an old big farmhouse Missouri Time Beach where the population was poisoned by the strongest and most horrible poison - dioxide. It was he who in the shortest time almost completely decimated the entire population, which was more than 2000 thousand people.

Time Beach was once quite a successful settlement in which the farming industry flourished. Founded it in 1925. It is worth saying that the city did not live for sixty years. Fatal mistake due to lack of money in the budget cost people a lot of lives.
Locked in the mansion Caleb, he understands that he is not alone in this house, there are the same people who do not understand how they got here, in addition to these people, there are also terrible creatures who will bring their victims to a heart attack. A little later Caleb managed to get out of the locked mansion with the survivors, but as it turns out on the street things are no better, this abandoned city and its districts are saturated with hatred with pain and death!
You have to unravel the mystery of this gloomy city of Time Beach!

The exit is not the end, this is only the beginning of the road

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