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Oct 4 2017 Anchor

Hi I'm interested in starting a small team for a project I had in mind, this of course will be just as a hobby/experience and maybe if we have something cool we will consider looking into funding it, but first lets at least get a prototype up first.

I'm a jack of all trades, I have experience in programming (Mainly Scripting), 2d art/pixelart, sound ( just alittle ) but I didn't want to do this idea entirely on my own

Here is a link to some of my work

I'm not sure 100% yet about the mechanics we could use , but I was seeing it as a 2d Side Scroller in some form, if your like to hear the in detail of the idea (Story,Background Story, etc) just PM me and I'll give a summary of it :v

Lastly, please do share anything you have made if your are interested applying :)


- Jonathan Lowe

P.S Plan on using the Game Maker Engine for any of you programmers wondering ;)

Edit: Roles I need filling

- Pixel Artiests [ I will help contribute to this but will need alot of help ]

- Music Composer

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Oct 5 2017 Anchor


I am a music composer/producer who has worked on a few games before, though I am still building my portfolio. I would love to join your team and help you guys out with any musical needs that you may have! I work hard to deliver a product that you will be happy to have in your game or a part of your project. If the music that I provide does not necessarily fit the games theme, mood, ect., I am very open to change and feedback, as I want you to be as happy with the music I am.

If you are interested in having me, send me an email at paish.d@gmail.com, or let me know the best way to stay in contact. Please find a sample video below, that contains about six various songs that have been created for other games.



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