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Nov 26 2019 Anchor

So, my stupid Android phone has the worlds smallest buttons on it, and I was trying to read an article I had just spent SIX HOURS putting together for my mod, when I clicked the tiny delete button. Moddb REALLY needs several verification screens before this is allowed, because with just ONE click and POOF, the article was gone. fortunately, I was able to click the back button and copy/paste the article in a new screen (which really sucked putting together the article again on my phone).

Anyway, I need the article re-authed. A mod might think its a duplicate, but I am merely re-posting it only an hour after the original was put up then deleted from my stupid mistake.

Re-posted article:

Edit: Well, it looks like the new article was re-authed, so nevermind. I still think the delete button should be much more difficult to find and use, however!

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Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief
Nov 27 2019 Anchor

I was actually in the process of adding your article to our headlines section, when I suddenly noticed the article I was linking to was deleted! Was confused and was going to reach out to you about it but then I saw you had another article with the exact same content up again. Wasn't sure what happened at the time but makes sense now haha.

Yes the buttons are probably a bit too close together and would be useful to have a confirmation button first, especially for the delete button. Will take that feedback on board and discuss it with the rest of the DBolical team for future updates :) thanks!



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Nov 28 2019 Anchor

Thanks for putting up the article as a headline!

I think I was trying to edit my article to fix a tiny grammatical error, when I accidentally clicked the delete button right next to edit instead. Indeed, it is far too easy to delete an article! I am now paranoid anytime I am logged in to MODDB account while on my phone. :O

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