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Aug 13 2021 Anchor

Turk's Crawling Dungeon

A traditional roguelike dungeon crawler.

Turk’s Crawling Dungeon is a roguelike in early alpha that integrates full-color graphics with a traditional turn-based dungeon crawl. Navigate the mind of a troubled young man as you explore randomly-generated psychic labyrinths teeming with adversity. TCD features familiar roguelike gameplay: delve into the depths of the dungeon and survive as long as you can!

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, strong language, themes of mental illness, mentions of suicide, drug use, sexual references, and mild nudity.


Turk is on the verge of destruction. An obstinate darkness has descended upon him, ravaging his mind, body, and spirit. Inside him grows a yawning emptiness that threatens to swallow his entire being. Only a single ember of hope remains; a pinprick of light in the vast dark. What hope could such a meager spark have to banish oblivion?

Take up arms against the sinister forces that plague him: guide Turk to salvation!


  • Enjoy a graphical approach to the roguelike experience!
  • Explore a randomly-generated dungeon.
  • Pick up gems and money in your search for loot.
  • Equip yourself to face the danger.
  • Fight monsters!
  • Mod the experience; it’s well supported!

Planned Features

  • A plethora of dungeon environments to keep the crawl interesting.
  • Talent trees and activated abilities.
  • A basic crafting system.
  • Quests!
  • Combat juice!

Known Issues​

  • An input exception can crash the game seemingly at random.
  • Player has three hands to equip weapons to (whoops!).
  • Dungeon levels after the first have a slight chance to generate without stairs.

As the game is currently in its alpha state, any feedback is tremendously helpful.

Feel free to contact the developer via email at mangosaucedev@gmail.com or on Twitter @mangosaucedev.

Edited by: mangosauce

Aug 19 2021 Anchor


I can confirm that the game tends to crash. ^^ But I liked the one or two levels I ran. Few notes though:
- Not a big fan of this graphic style (the "shiny semirealism" or how to call it, like the eye, the chairs or the monsters), but that's fine, however the player-avatar seems made in a different style and doesnt rly fit in (but maybe thats just me).
- I wish the texts in games were bigger: the way you advertise it it seems that there might be actualy LOTS OF it, which I personally would look forward to, but making the font bigger would encourage reading in general. ;)
- The turn based system seemed kinda unnecessary (except that it stops monsters when you stop), although I admit I played only shortly. This is especially true if there really is not any other way to attack nor any other actions that i could pick "in my turn" (picking something up doesnt rly count, you dont need turns for that just like you dont really need them for walking). But if you plan on adding those, then definitely keep it in. :))
- To be honest the inventory became a mess way too fast. No picture unless the item is equipped, no descriptions about what it does - add the fact that most things are called "Nameless object" and soon I was picking up (and equipping, if the game offered it) everything in my path. Never learned what any of the stuff does.
- Many times the log said I got some $ (btw I was surprised that the game is set in the real world), but the amount of $ shown below my health never changed from 0.

I hope these help you a bit. Keep up the good work! :))

Aug 20 2021 Anchor

Thanks so much for your feedback! :D I appreciate that you gave the game some of your time.

The crash should be fixed in the new version (0.3.1, uploaded today), thankfully! Additionally, the legibility of the in-game text seemed to be a concern for several of the people who played this version, so I replaced the font with something less pixelated.

More changes are coming, and I plan to release fixes/changes/additions weekly on Fridays! Again, thank you for playing the game and taking the time to give your critique! C:

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