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Jul 9 2019 Anchor

(for a Duke Nukem mod\map)


On Venus there is a hotel.
You land on a huge deserted the parking lot. No-one around.
You can find a bike parked just outside the hotel in front of the entrance.
It seems deserted, no receptionist or other pesonnel.
You will need the bike as you discover that it is a huge hotel with an enormous hall
and the corridors are very wide.
The rooms can have different sizes, the biggest are huge luxury rooms, conference rooms etc...
For the majority of the corridors and rooms you can use the bike as they are quite big;
sometimes, though, you have to get off the bike and walk.
You can shoot from the bike.
To change floors you can use a lift or ramps (both are fine for the bike).
Your mission is to rescue the people that have been kidnapped by evil creatures.
Those poor people usually are inside the rooms but can be also around the corridors of the hotel.
Be careful as along the long corridors there are wires with the intent of cutting your head off;
disable those wires just by shooting on the walls where they are attached (just one side is enough).
Part of the hotel is under construction so there are naked pillars, holes, missing floors,and many obstacles
and you can use the bike to jump.
Those people are scared and have no idea why they got kidnapped, why they are there.
Once you reach one of them, you have to call the special forces, they will come and take away the survivor; It takes a few minutes for the special forces to arrive so you have to protect the survivor from any attack.
Reach the top floor where you will discover many dead bodies half eaten by an ugly fat woman that does not move but has tentacles to grab the poor people to eat.
You have to kill the ''Pig lady'' , but be carefull to her long tentacles, she wants to eat you alive!

What the mod\map needs:
Graphics: The new sprite for the fat pig lady with tentacles, the sprites of the kidnapped civilians.
Sounds Effects for the lady pig: sounds of the tentacles, sound when she is eating, sound of her burps;
The lady will repeat constantly those 4 sentences in random order.
1 ''I need a man like you, come into my belly!''
2 ''I love people so much, bring me some!''
3 ''I am your lady pig!''
4 ''I'll pig you from your inside!''
The dialogues is better if it is voiced, The lower the resolution of the sample the better, use some echo or trembling effect to give a sense of crazyness, eerieness.

KIDNAPPED PEOPLE (written or voiced):

Meb: ''oh...my God, I...I...please...I..are you here to save me?''
You: ''I am here to bring you home, are you alone?''
Meb: ''oh, my thank you! thank you!! THANK YOU!!!...where is my wife? she is...yes, I'm alone here,
I think... but I heard screams, all night, people are screaming, and ..someone kidnapped me...yes...I was on
a night out with my wife...I...I don't know where she is...please, help me to find her!, Please!!
She must be here somewhere!...Oh, God....what is this place?...I...oh, my God...
You: ''I will find her, don't worry, the special police are coming to collect you, they will be here in a few minutes''
Meb: ''Ok, ...ok...please, I love her, she must be here somewhere....please she is so special...her name is Zanara..
my Zanara...

You: ''Hey there!, don't worry I don't want to hurt you, I'm here to bring you away from this place''
Zanara: '' I'm ...I'm....Zanara...''
You: ''Zanara...I will bring you out of here, don't cry...
Zanara: ''My husband! My husband!!, I was with him yesterday night, and someone or something attacked us..
I'm not sure!...I...I...It was so quick, I think something...I don't really know...I...he...please! We have to find my husband, I think he was with me...but...''
You: ''Calm down, now the special police will come and bring you to a safer place...''
Zanara: ''I would prefer to search for my husbands with you....I...think I can help you...''
You: ''No, it is too dangerous, as you see I'm well equipped to face the worst, let me do my job and I will
find you husband, by the way what is his name?''
Zanara: ''Meb! Meb!''

Osvaldo: ''Who is there???''
You: ''I am the good part of humanity, I'm here to save you.''
Osvaldo: ''I...so, yes, Yes! are you a police man?''
You: ''I am the one that will bring you out of here, they are everywhere!''
Osvaldo: ''Who?! who are you talking about?''
You: ''Someone kidnapped you, but you are not he only one here, I think the hotel is full of kidnapped people...''
Osvaldo: ''What?! Kidnapped? I don't remember anything, I was sleeping in my house...kidnapped...for what?
I'm alone in this world...I don't have anyone...why someone wants ma?...my organs?...is this an hotel?!...what is going on here!...''
You: ''I don't think you would like to know, but don't worry, special police force is going to collect you, I'm staying with you till they come.''
Osvalso: ''thank you, I...I...just thank you!!!''


I wrote many other dialogues, send me an email if you want more dialogues to create this map\mod.
I can also help you with the ambient music.
If you are not a modder but like the idea of this mission to become a real mod, let your favourite modder to know about it, thank you!
One last thing, if you are a modder and want to use this script, I would like to receive some feedback and eventually see your effort of the mission\map\mod you have created, thank you!

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