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Jan 7 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone!

I'm Caty, and I just created my first game The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot. Right now the game is still in development, but our demo is here: IndieDB or here: Itch.io if you would like to try it. If you enjoy it, please support us here: Kickstarter.

The Cold Case is your classic murder mystery game except that our detective faints at the sight of blood! This results in a unique little mechanic we lovingly refer to as the blood meter. When searching for evidence, there will be clues that don't have blood on them, but the ones that do fill up this blood gauge. If you look at more than 5 bloody items, you faint and you loose your job as a detective. Unlike other murder mystery games, this blood gauge forces the player to choose which evidence items they think might be important to the case and which items are false leads.

Our game is highly story driven, here's a quick synopsis:

Grace Sinclair is the new detective in town! She’s clever, confident, and with her lush rainbow locks, who wouldn’t want to hire her? When her skills are put to the test, she more than proves herself to her superior, the head detective, Lem Yasui. Catching criminals left and right, Grace- …Grace? Grace, are you ok?!

Um… I’m sorry this wasn’t supposed to happen. Grace seems to have fainted!

Oh no… how is Grace supposed to find out who dun it when she faints at the sight of blood?! How is she going to search for clues or question witnesses? She still has killers to catch, victims to save, and the famous serial killer The Banshee to stop!

I guess you’ll just have to find out when you play The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot!

Other features you can expect in the full game:

  • Full English Voice Acting (Disable/Enable)
  • 4 Unique Endings
  • Expressive Character Sprites
  • A Full, Immersive World with 40+ Backgrounds
  • Distinct Art Style
  • Discover Clues
  • Blood Gauge
  • Interrogate Witnesses
  • Tie All The Evidence Together To Catch The Criminal

If you're interested in our project, you can follow us on either Twitter or Facebook and we have a devblog here.

We hope you enjoy the game, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them on this thread!

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