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Sep 10 2017 Anchor

Im looking for people with experience with Modding Half-Life 2. This is a Small Star Wars Multiplayer Team Mod. With Simple modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend. Modes similar to those in Team Fortress. Also Much like Team Fortress there will be multiply Classes Such as Medic, Heavy Trooper, Recon/Sniper, Assault/Pointman, Rocket and Jump Troopers.

What is needed.

Modelers, People who can model Weapons, Characters, and on map models like Crates, Star Fighters, and Droids.

Texture Artist, Someone who can make quality Textures from pretty much everything.

Programmers, People who can can make simple character abilities and more.

Sound Design, This is simple, Someone who can either make or find sounds from such things as Guns, Foot steps, Character call outs(Clones, Droids, and Storm troopers) This should be relatively easy It is Star Wars after all.

Map Designers, Maps in this will be the back bone make the player feel like they are in the world of Star Wars. These will me Small/Medium Sized maps, Counter Strike and Team Fortress Sized Maps, I am a Mapper my self but Im still a novice so help would be nice XD.

This is a pretty easy project if I can get the right people working on it.

The people at Star Wars: The New Era had something great on their hands. Sadly it has died. I dont plan on this happening.

If you are interested please join this Discord with any of your previous work.

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