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Jun 12 2019 Anchor

Project Name: Survival Game (UE 4 only) Roles Required: Character Moddeler, Level Designer, Concept Artist, Level Designer, Programmer, Rigging, Texturer My Role: Team Leader and Programmer Team Size: Currently 13 Project Length: Current version Pre-alpha 1.0.3 ~ 1-2 months for Alpha release Payment: when the game is published and started earning money you will get money Responsibilities: 3d moddeler-making resources like tree, log, stick, stone, dirt, chest. Character moddeler-moddeling a character for the game. Concept Artist: Can design concept art for characters, enemies and environments in game Designer-making the icons of the resources Sound composer-making a sound for the game Animator-making effects of the animations concept artist-making ideas, concepts, etc Programmer- to can programming and to can make multiplayer system, networking (UE 4 only so C++) Rigging- to can rig the models Payment: when the game is published and started earning money you will get money Project Description: SurvivalGame - survival game still developed by SaintStudio, it will have loads of things to do! You are going to survive from zombies, to develop and upgrade your base! The game will be like LastDayOnEarth, but for computer.

Better jump on this discord before it expires.


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