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Oct 16 2020 Anchor

STIRGUN is a working title of a team-base FPS concept that I'm working on. Was deciding between a 5v5 or a 6v6, but I believe a 6v6 is fine. The more the merrier. A hero game much like MOBAs with abilities and ultimate's, but in a FPS format. Interested in developing it for both PC and consoles if possible. Other games that may give you a good example of what game I am going for, including art style wise is Overwatch, Valorant, Paladins, Team Fortress 2 and Smite.

-PC Control Setup (Customizable)-

W, A, S, D - Move character position

Mouse Movement: Move camera position (AIM)

Spacebar - Jump

Left Mouse Click - Primary Fire

Right Mouse Click - Alt Fire/Ability 1

Q - Ability 2

E - Ability 3

Left Shift - Ultimate

F - Melee

Left CTRL - Crouch/Toggle Crouch

1-0, G - Emotes, Phrases, Sprays

-Team Roles-

There are 4 unique roles in STIRGUN. Which are Tanker, Breaker, Holder and Trapper.

Tanker - Are your bulky built heroes who can take the brunt force of damage. Creating space and opportunities for your team. Goal is to control the flow of each battle and pushing the team forward.

Breaker - Are your typical DPS role of heroes. From flankers, snipers and damage dealers. Goal is to stay alive, get in as much damage and secure kills and objectives.

Holder - Are your healer and utility base heroes. Your job is to support your team in anyway possible. Keeping your team alive means you must stay alive and work with a team effort in mind. All Holders may not be healers, instead others may have abilities that work best when pushing up on enemy team flanks and defense. Goal is to keep the team alive and keeping the team together.

Trapper - Are your defense base heroes. From gadgets to traps, they have their unique abilities to defend against opposing teams push, flanks and such. Goal is to guard your team from any enemy team harassments, pokes and catching them off guard. Even offensively.


Here are a couple of heroes concepts I have in mind just to give you a bizarre idea of what type of game this is.

Name: Everest

Gender: Female

Role: Breaker


In-game Phrases: "Do you ever rest?" "You shall take your rest." "Sleepy mama!"

Primary Fire: Dart Gage - A rifle that shoots out powerful darts. Has a holding capacity of 12 before having to reload.

Ability 1: Rest - Everest immediately takes a quick nap that allows her to heal herself overtime for 5 seconds. Everest lays on the ground with her head on her shoulders and body laying on her side. Cancel ability to immediately wake up. After waking up, she gains 2 seconds of invincibility. Taking no damage from incoming attacks.

Ability 2: Sleep Dart - Everest fires a sleep dart at a targeted enemy player, rendering them sleep immediately for 5 seconds.

Ability 3: Paralysis Return - Everest creates an AOE field that negates stun, sleep and other such abilities on her and her teammates within the AOE. Even while being stun or sleep herself, she can still use this ability. She then becomes invisible to the enemy players if performed when 2 or more teammates have been free from these attacks. Which includes ultimates.

Ultimate: Slumber Party - An AOE ultimate that puts all enemy players within range under a sleeping spell. Rendering them all sleep for 5 seconds as they all fall down on their backs, sleep.

Passive: Sleeper of Smiles - Everest emotes have a small AOE effect that sleep-stun enemy players standing still for a brief second. Includes short and long length emotes. So be careful when using emotes that are long unless you are confident and have a team to back you up.

Name: Frost

Gender: Female

Role: Tanker

Synopsis: Frost, The Valkyrie Of Icertorus

In-game Phrases:

Primary Fire: Lance of Icertaris - Also known as the "Pride of Icertaris". Is a close range melee weapon. Swinging the lance around dealing damage to enemies players in her circle.

Ability 1: Dive Armour - As Frost leaps into the sky, she armors herself with extra body armor using her ice magic. As she dives into the ground dealing AOE damage, she too freezes her enemies temporarily for 2 seconds.

Ability 2: Shield Of Minx - Allows Frost to defend her team from incoming attacks. This shield is sturdy and can shield from most attacks.

Ability 3: Vault Counter - Frost uses her shield to bash into enemy players, stunning them only briefly. It can be used to deflect incoming attacks back at enemy players if timed correctly. Dealing double the damage. But if used up close when stunning an opposing player, you can hit the ability button again to do a shield bash combo. The combo is a hit from the shield bash, followed by a neck grapple. Where Frost thrust towards the enemy player, grabs their neck. Leaps forward and pinning the player to the ground dealing extra damage.

Ultimate: Piercing Strike - Also known as "Piercing Void". Frost armors her body with extra armor. Gets herself into position as she holds her lance steady. Any enemy player within the massive straight line AOE will get knocked back and hit with major damage as Frost projects herself in a sudden burst. Blazing across the field at quick speeds. Can cause a temporary freeze effect on enemy players.

Passive: Shield Frost - The longer Frost keeps her shield out on the field. Her shield starts to create a small AOE field that slows enemies down and eventually freezes them for 3 seconds.

Hit me up at browkd16pro@gmail.com if you are interested in working on something like this.


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