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Mar 16 2019 Anchor

Hello! My name is Steven Smith, i'm a starting writer, My Email address: "stiven_smith_authorwriter@bk.ru" and i want create something new. I mean, some kind like bookship mod for Half-Life 2. This "Project", on which I am currently working, is a simple story. Story about all of us. Story about the choices and our life. I mean, everyday, we have a choices and little dreams n' thinks. For example:

"First snow? What does this cause you? What feelings? Desire, happiness, hatred, fear or hope? We began to forget the beauty of nature, but that if this beauty is only part of the plan. What if, everything that you see is in front of you, it's... No, not an illusion, no. Is this just a cover? All roles have already been painted, the script is written, but that if it can be changed, what if! Nothing is certain? Who knows, maybe this applies to a man named Theadore Robert Grave? He went in a taxi to his job, in some city, at some time, at night, the first November snow was coming. And with him, there was another person, almost like him, but what could he give him? Nothing, just answer his words by saying that everything in this world is not for long. And it sounded just one phrase and Theadore Robert Grave was as cold as ice.

- First snow..."

And now to the point! If you have already read this before, then you are interested in it. And the thing is that I would like to write not just a story, no! I would like to create a project. And something that would make people think (if possible). The only problem is that I have no the right people (if briefly, there is no one who could help me in implementing the idea). There is only me, my time, lots of ideas and the ability to write a story or script. That's all... Of course, the stories will not go far, I already understood this (on my personal experience), but! You need to advance yourself somehow, right? And not only yourself, for example, you or you (those who know programs, editors and in general, those who can, but, lack ideas). Who knows how our life will turn out, right? This is the main question of all our existence! The only thing is that life itself gives us clues! What to do, where to go, what to say and at last, what to think about... About... What if everything is already predetermined? But let's get down to business. Of course, I understand that everyone has their own plans and hopes, but if someone has time or interest, please write to me and we will talk about this in more detail!

Welcome to my mail: "stiven_smith_authorwriter@bk.ru" or welcome to my FaceBook page: "Facebook.com"

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